Health Services for Military Families in Turkey

Standard of Care

The standard of medical and dental care in Turkey is very high.  Most doctors speak English and have attended medical school in the United States.  There are also quite a number of private hospitals in Turkey.  Canadians in the past have had children while living in Turkey and all have been happy with the level of care and services that they received.  Healthcare tends to be cheaper than many places in Europe and there are many public and private hospitals all over the country

Access to Services

The embassy will provide a list of doctors and dentists for you to choose from. You can usually find access to any service that you may require.  Chiropractic services in Turkey may not be available, but often a family doctor will recommend physiotherapy instead


Many doctors ask for cash for their services, however, some do take payment with a credit card.  Be prepared.  The reimbursement process can be a bit lengthy.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacies (eczane) are plentiful in the main towns and cities. People living in Turkey will find that accessing medicines at pharmacies is relatively easy as many prescription medications are available cheaply and over the counter. Most neighbourhoods in major cities have a duty pharmacy that is generally open 24 hours a day


Dental care is comparable to dental care in Canada with many dentists having some or all of their schooling abroad.  Most equipment is state of the art.


Specialists are available and readily accessible.  Family doctors often only treat a limited number of issues.  It is not uncommon to be referred to a specialist for things such as routine breast exams, PAP tests and minor issues such as sore throats.