Innsworth Duty Free Store

Innsworth Duty Free Store

Innsworth Duty Free Store

Bldg 250, Room 1
imjin Barricks, Innsworth
Gloucester, UK GL3 1 HW

Phone: 01452 712 612 (x7580)


Hours: Monday to Friday 10:30-14:00

PLACING AN ORDER: We have a selection of items within our store, but we also have three suppliers in which we can source special orders from. If you are interested in a particular item that is not in stock, please speak to a sales associate to place a specail order.

LARGE ORDERS – It is advisable to contact the Duty Free Clerk well in advance of your event to insure inventory is available for your event.

REGULAR ORDERS – Feel free to drop in and purchase anytime during operational hours. You can also e-mail or phone in your orders prior to your visit at the Detachment. Your order will be packaged up and ready upon your arrival.

PSP TRIPS - Duty Free pick up is also available when participating in a PSP trip (unless otherwise posted).

Items purchased at the Duty Free Store may be paid in cash, check or debit/credit. Please leave checks blank (shop has a stamp) or make the check payable to CFSU(E) UK FUND