Chalet Program

Chalet Program


What is the Chalet Program?

The Chalet Program offers members of the European Fund (EF) accommodation options in various parts of Europe at a 40% subsidy by the European Fund. Whether you decide to stay put and relax, explore the neighbourhood or venture a little further, this program will allow you to stay in a chalet, an apartment or a villa located in a very interesting region of Europe. All accommodations are fully furnished and well equipped.

The Chalet Program also offers Full-Flex vouchers. This part of the program provides European Fund members the flexibility to choose their holiday destination at a time that is convenient for them.

All EF members are eligible to apply to the program. EF members include:

  • all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their dependants supported by CFSU (E) and under the leadership of Formation Europe
  • Canadian Defence Attachés/Advisors (CDAs) / Canadian Defence Assistant Attachés (CDAAs) / Military Police Security Section (MPSS) (CAF personnel and their dependants posted in Europe and whose PSP funding is administered through the Senior Manager PSP (Europe))
  • all Department of National Defence (DND) sponsored civilians, including school teachers, and their dependants stationed in Europe,
  • all staff of the NPF, CAF employees and their dependants contracted from Canada in direct support of CAF operations in Europe.

The program is divided in two seasons: summer and winter. Chalet weeks as well as the Full Flex vouchers are alloted in the form of a lottery. To participate EF members are to send an application form to the Chalet Coordinator. The information regarding the application process for the Summer Program is sent to EF members in an email in February of each year while the information about the Winter Program is sent in September. Members have two weeks to send in their application form once the draw information has been released.

For more information on the draw rules, click here.

For more information on the cancellation policy, click here.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. You may contact the Chalet Coordinator at your convenience.