Summer Chalet

Summer Chalet


8 chalets to choose from

The Summer Program runs from May until October of each year.  In February, the PSP Chalet Coordinator will send the call for applications via email to European Fund members (EF).  EF members will then have ten working days to send in their application.  All information relevant to the draw and application process will be outlined in the communication.  

EF members who participate in the draw may make up to 10 selections on their application form.  Participants are alloted their first choice to still be available once their application is selected during the draw.  Each participant may only be awarded one prize per draw.

The results of the draw are sent to participants along with the payment procedure in an email by the Chalet Coordinator.  Once the winners list is published, EF members become financially responsible for the payment of the week they have been allocated. Should a winner wish to cancel, they still remain responsible for the payment until and only if another EF member takes over the payment for that particular week.

For complete draw rules, click here.
For the cancellation policy, click here.

Please note that transportation is not included, members are responsible to organize their own means of transportation.