Babysitters Training Course

Babysitters Training Course

The Canada Safety Council distributes the course we facilitate. The Babysitters Training Course is the oldest and most recognized course in Canada. Over a half a million young people have been trained across Canada.

The Babysitters Training Course is aimed at young people turning 12 years of age within the calendar year or older. It is designed to demonstrate their capabilities by completing the course under responsible direction.

The Babysitters Training Course is loaded with special features such as:
•   Rights and Responsibilities
•   Child Development and Behavioral Problems
•   Caring for the Child
•   Nutrition
•   Safety and Basic First Aid
•   Handling Emergencies
•   The Sick Child
•   Games and Play Activities
•   Children with Special Needs
•   Advice for Parents

Each course graduate is presented with a wall certificate and graduation wallet card. These provide validation that the holder has completed ten hours of training and successfully passed a comprehensive examination on the course material.

Centres offer this training on a yearly basis depending on interest from the community. If you are interested in the course please contact your local MFS(E) centre.

For remote location, where there is no center, they may take part in a class that is being hosted by another nation and the cost will be reimbursed by MFS(E) if it meets the same standards as the Canadian Safety council course.

The Babysitters Training course must be done in a live, classroom setting and cannot be done online or virtually.