Deployment Resources

Family Separation and Reunion Program


When military member is away for more than 30 days on Temporary Duty, Deployment, Training or meetings here are a few of the services that you can expect:

  • Regular contact in person, by phone, email or regular mailings
  • FS&R Information Package, containing information to help prepare for the absence
  • Referral information to various local and Canadian resources and services
  • Funding reimbursement for Respite Child Care during the absence of more than 21 days
  • Funding reimbursement for Emergency Child Care in case of unexpected emergency life events
  • FS&R resources and information relevant to all stages of the absence, and for all family members: children, youth , spouse, parents etc.
  • Information on accessing funds available for spouse self care when the military member is away for more than 30 days
  • Referral for access to FS&R services in Canada for family members of CAF members posted to Europe unaccompanied
  • Virtual informative workshops and connection opportunities with others across Europe

We do not always have everyone’s schedule, so please contact us to ensure you receive the information on programs and services available to you and your family

The MFS(E) Family Separation and Reunion (FS&R) Program has expanded its definition of support to include all of the different kinds of “separation anxiety” Canadians posted OUTCAN might experience. Family separations can vary in type, regularity and duration: operational deployments, training, meetings and as part of the regular duties of NATO positions in Europe. Regardless of the reason or duration of the separation, our program is available to families whenever a member is away from home because of work. We are also here to support CAF families struggling to adapt to life in Europe, away from the familiarity of Canada. We consider deployment support to be an ongoing process that doesn’t begin when a member leaves and end when they return home, or just because you’ve unpacked your furniture and enrolled your children in their new school.


Locations Handbooks are your go-to resource for location specific information. Please contact your local MFS(E) centre if you need a copy for your posting location, or if you’re interested in contributing information about your new community.



MFS(E) Social Worder Myriam Chebat +49 (0) 2451 717 206

CFSU(E) Social Worker Martin Laferriere-Simard +49 (0) 2451 717 309

CF Member Assistance Program (CFMAP)
Europe 001 800 268 7708 (not toll free)
Collect 001 613 941 5842

Padre (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Remote) +32 (0) 492 722 686
Padre (Norway, Turkey and Poland) +44 (0) 787 064 1587

Military Family Services (Europe)
Selfkant Kaserne +49 (0) 2451 717 500
SHAPE +32 (0) 6544 5962
Brussels +32 (0) 2687 2509
UK +44 (0) 7814 240249
Riga Remote +371 23 116 869
Naples +39 (0) 81 509 9575