Second Language Training

Second Language Training


Your local MFS(E) centre can assist you in identifying second language training options available in your community. MFS(E) offers a one-time reimbursement for introductory level host nation  language classes. To receive reimbursement you must notify your local MFS(E) centre before you register and provide proof of attendance for 80% of the classes. 



Learn at your own pace! CAF families posted to Europe can request access to language learning with Rosetta Stone®, the world's leading language-learning software.

Rosetta Stone® combines advanced interactive technology with the voices of native speakers and a rich visual environment to simulate a complete immersion experience all from the comfort and convenience of your home. You’ll learn to listen, read, write, and speak naturally without drills or rote memorization.

If you are interested in Rosetta Stone, consult the following document and contact us at

Families can also check out duoLingo (,  another online language learning tool.