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European Fund


What is European Fund?

The European Fund (EF) provides services and amenities to military personnel, their dependants and sponsored civilians serving throughout Europe.

As per the EF constitution, the following personnel are members of the EF

a. all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their dependants(1) posted in Europe and supported by CFSU (E);

b. CDA/CDAA/MPSS (CAF personnel) and their dependants(1) posted in Europe and whose PSP funding is administered through the PSP Manager Europe;

c. all DND sponsored civilians, including school teachers, and their dependants(1) stationed in Europe; and

d. all Staff of the NPF, CF employees and their dependants(1) contracted from Canada in direct support of CAF operations in Europe.

Note (1): A dependant child is defined as being less than 21 years of age and residing full time at post with the member.

As an EF member you are either a Unit Fund (UF) Member co-located with a number of other CAF families and have access to PSP funding via a Unit Fund or you are a Non-Unit Fund (NUF) Member located in an area with a very small number of CAF families and have access to PSP funding on an individual basis. In order to ensure equitability across Formation Europe, all EF members have the same entitlements however, certain entitlements are managed differently depending on location.

Locations with Unit Funds:

European Fund Committee Minutes EUROPEAN FUND PRIORITITES

Priority #1 – Contributions to Unit Funds and Non-Unit Fund Members

Funding is derived from two sources:

1. The CANEX/SISIP Dividend is received from CFMWS and is allocated to units based on CAF strength.

2. The EF Grant contributes to Unit Funds and Non-Unit Fund members; this is based on an amount allocated per family member. As contributions to the EF fluctuate, the amounts presently allocated could increase or decrease as required.

Priority # 2 - Family Support Fund (Family Only)
When CAF personnel deploy or are away from the family home on TD or a course for 30 or more consecutive days, their family (also member of the EF) is entitled to claim for wellness items or services. 

Priority #3 – Representational Funds

These funds are provided to COs to represent the CAF at their Unit in accordance with the applicable NPP regulations.

Priority #4 - Chalet Program

The European Fund subsidizes these properties of the Chalet Program at 40%.

Priority #5 – Miscellaneous Expense

Funding for small ticket items, such as Hospital Comforts for EF Members (not CAF members) or other unforeseen expenditures that were not budgeted for.

Priority #6 – Academic Program

The EF Academic Program provides funds for academic achievement to students graduating from high school and pursuing a post-secondary education in the fall.