FORCE Evaluation
Formation Europe FORCE Testing are currently put on hold due to Host Nation Covid-19 Restrictions. Once the non-essential travel ban and the gathering restrictions are lifted, we will be able to implement our SOP's to our FORCE resumption pan.

FORCE Evaluation Fitness for Operational Requirements of Canadian Armed Forces Employment

FORCE Evaluation

The FORCE Evaluation measures the operational fitness of CAF members with four tasks: 20m Rushes, Sandbag Lifts, Intermittent Loaded Shuttles, and Sandbag Drag.  The minimum standards for the FORCE Evaluation reflects the baseline physical employment standard that every CAF members must meet.  

To learn more about the FORCE Evaluation, click here.

FORCE Fitness Profile

The FORCE Fitness Profile assesses the overall physical fitness levels among CAF members.  It combines the measures of operational fitness and health-related fitness.  The operational fitness is based on the FORCE Evaluation whereas the health-related fitness is based on a measure of waist circumference and on an estimation of cardio respiratory fitness derived from the FORCE Evaluation.
To learn more about the FORCE Fitness Profiles, click here.

FORCE Evaluation at CFSU (E) 

FORCE Evaluation sessions are conducted weekly at 0900hrs on Tuesday and Thursday at the Terry Fox Halle of the Selfkant-Kaserne.  

Contact the PSP Fitness Staff to schedule your FORCE Evaluation.

Mgr FS&R : Guy Boudrias / +49 (0) 2451 717201

FSPE Coord: Gabriel Quenneville / +49 (0) 2451 717205.
Det Casteau
FSPE Coord: Steffa MacLintock / +32 (0) 6544 5198

FORCE Evaluation across Formation Europe

The PSP Fitness Staff also travel to the following locations to conduct FORCE Evaluations:
  • CFSU (E) Det UK
  • Brussels
  • Ramstein
  • Naples
Contact your local FORCE Evaluation Coordinator for upcoming testing dates.