Virtual Workshops and Information Sessions

With Canadian Armed Forces families located far and wide throughout Europe, Military Family Services is continually striving to connect our disperse community. One way of linking and engaging the community is to offer a variety of programs and workshops on our user friendly virtual platform. You can easily access and participate in live sessions from the comfort of your home or on-the-go using your mobile device. Watch for our advertising throughout the year. Our sessions are advertised on the CAF website, in the Newsletter, on Facebook, through emails or on bulletin boards at your Family Resource Centre. We’d love to see you online!

WebEx Workshops

We offer a variety of interactive workshops on our virtual platform WebEx. Topics include: Travel Forum, Remote Social, Parent Connection, Parenting at a Distance, Caring for Loved ones at a Distance, Adapting/Readapting to life in Europe/Canada, Babysitting Preparation, Youth Employment Preparation and much more. Check out our calendar and our Virtual Programs Album  on Facebook for current offerings. 

Webex Community Demos

Find out how fun and easy it is to interact virtually and become a member of our online community. Learn new skills you can market on your resume and take into your next job search.  One-on-one training is also available. Please contact our Virtual Programs Coordinator to participate in a WebEx demonstration.


We are always looking for ways to expand our virtual offerings.  Do you have a special skill or knowledge you would like to share with the community? Perhaps you have worked in healthcare and would like to facilitate a workshop on nutrition or you are an avid cyclist and would like to share your adventures and how-to tips. For example, a community member offered a successful seminar on Geocaching. Additionally, the Remote Socials are delivered by community members. Our community is full of talented and skilled people and we would love it if you could share your talents with us. Don’t worry; you will never have to go it alone. You will receive assistance and support every step of the way. Let’s discuss your ideas!

Social Media / E-mail Programs

Do you love reading? Check out the MFS(E) Virtual Book Club. Do your kids enjoy stories and making crafts? All kids aged 12 and under throughout Europe are invited to join our monthly book club. We also have a Virtual Recipe Swap to share favorite recipes with fellow Canadians on OUTCAN.  Watch for the Quarterly Newsletter, emails from your centre, and check our MFS(E) Facebook page for upcoming programs. 


Don’t forget to check out our Military Family Services Europe YouTube Channel where you will find several information briefs on Children’s Education Management, OUTCAN Benefits, Welcome Messages, Medical & Dental briefs and more!


Our Virtual Program Coordinator welcomes suggestions and is always looking for new program ideas and will help you develop an idea if you have a topic to present. Contact our Virtual Program Coordinator for further information on any of the virtual programs. She would love to hear from you.