Welcome to the community of Oromocto and its surrounding area!  If you've found this section of the site you are probably looking for a new career in our area and before you get started we want you to know that we get it - this search is one that can feel daunting.  We are here, right beside you, to help! 

Many families choose to live in Oromocto. The largest employer in Oromocto is 5th Division Support Base Gagetown. The Sales and Service sector is another major employer in the area which employs over 53% of the working population. Employment can be found at many local stores and restaurants. Other areas where employment can be found are with the government and local schools, agricultural and trade area, management and business field.

The main language proficiency required to work in the Oromocto area is English however many employers may see French as an asset as New Brunswick is a bilingual province.
Finding employment in a new area can be challenging. The New Brunswick MFRC has an Employment and Education Assistance Program available to Canadian Forces spouses and their families to assist them in finding employment and upgrading their skills, education or career goals. Resources and services include:
  • Resume development and updating support
  • One-on-one job search strategies and support
  • Resume translation (to English)
  • Assistance in Compiling Powerful Cover Letters
  • Networking information
  • Computer access and printing/faxing services
  • Interview practice
  • Distance exam supervision
  • Return-to-work support and information on up-to-date job postings
  • Self-employment information and referral
  • GED and post secondary information and training information
  •  Assistance with creating and implementing a Career Plan

Many spouses moving into this area discover that finding a job in their field that fits their lifestyle can take several months, or sometimes even longer.  

The best advice is to focus on your needs. If your family needs to have money coming in than you will have to take what you can find and then focus on long term goals to move on into a role that feels like a better, more fulfilling career fit for you.  

If you have some flexibility with timing when it comes to searching for a job you might find it helpful to set aside time each week for job search - three times a week for example.  Set up automatic notifications of new positions on Career Beacon and within the Public Service and then try to focus on taking time to settle yourself and your family in your new hometown.
Rather than getting completely fed up with lack of options that feel like they’re a good fit or drowning in the waves of wondering when that perfect opportunity will come along, take this time of transition and enjoy some downtime.  Focus on projects that you are interested in and take care of yourself. If you are doing the work to find a new career you need to also be gentle on yourself and understand that it might take some time.
Don’t be afraid to take a job that might not be what you were looking for but still feels like it might be a good fit. If nothing else you will meet contacts that will help you to network to more opportunities.

Most importantly, don’t get bogged down.  The unemployment rate might be higher than where you came from but try not to lose hope or feel disheartened.

Do: Create a great resume and cover letter that shows off your skills

Do: Network and let everybody and anybody you connect with know that you are looking for work

Do: Visit the New Brunswick MFRC or another employment agency in the area

Take the time that you are unemployed to invest in yourself.  Establish yourself in your new community, reach out to connect with new friends and resources and focus on helping your family to get settled and feeling good about your new home. 

The right job will come along. 

The MFRC can also help with career planning and providing information on community employment resources and programs and much more. The MFRC also has information on post secondary educational facilities and distance learning opportunities.

Please contact the New Brunswick MFRC for more information or assistance at (506) 422-3352.