COVID-19 Facility Updates

COVID-19 Facility Updates

Please be sure to view our COVID-19 Facility Updates page or follow us on Facebook @pspgagetown as we move through a phased reopening.

COVID-19 Facility Updates

5 CDSB Gagetown 23 Sept 2021

We are excited to announce again that we are extending PSP services at 5CDSB Gagetown Fitness Center to include Monday & Wednesday evenings, and Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Additionally, we are opening the 0900-1200 Monday through Friday timeslot to all users (Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s).
These new hours will take effect Monday 27th Sept 2021 and are as seen below:

0600-0900 Mil/DND pers (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0900-2030 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
0600-0900 Mil/DND pers (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0900-2030 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
0600-0900 Mil/DND pers (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0900-2030 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
0600-0900 Mil/DND pers (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0900-2030 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
0600-0900 Mil/DND pers (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0900-1730 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
(NEW) 0830-1530 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
(NEW) 1200-1700 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Reminder Memberships are now available at the Recreation Office for new, previous and posted in Members.

We are also excited to announce the re-opening of our Recreation Aquatic Programming. We will be offering Lap Swims and Public Swims during evening hours at our facility. These hours will also come into effect on Monday 27th Sept 2021 as seen below:

Lap Swim 1700-1755 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Public Swim 1800-2000 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Lap Swim 1700-1755 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Public Swim 1800-2000 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Lap Swim 1700-1755 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Public Swim 1800-2000 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Public Swim 1800-2000 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)
Public Swim 1300-1600 Mil/DND/Rec plan mbr’s (ID req’d)

5 CDSB Gagetown 21 Sept 2021

As per the changes to the New Brunswick COVID-19 protocol, PSP facilities will have the following changes come into effect 21 Sep 2021 at midnight (tonight):

Masks are required in all public facilities. Please note you will be required to wear a mask when using the indoor track, change rooms, on the pool deck area, and while playing sports. Masks will not be required on the ice for hockey.

Proof of vaccination or medical exemption will be required before entry for all non-essential access to PSP facilities. At this time FORCE evaluation is considered essential and proof of vaccination is not required.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to these important protocols.

5 CDSB Gagetown 5 Aug 2021

We are excited to move forward with re-opening of PSP services on base. The Commander has now released the guidance that masks may be worn at the discretion of the CAF and DND employees.

Reduction of Covid Protocols effective 5 Aug 2021 are as follows:
  • Masks are no longer mandatory for users;
  • Valid ID’s are required. Registration, screening and signing in for contact tracing is no longer required;
  • Locker rooms, showers and cloak room will be available;
  • Sport & Return to Play protocols for all sports have been removed and resumption of regular game and practice procedures will be in place.
  • Units must book their groups through David Knowles at local 3536 or
*Sanitization of equipment and high touch surfaces will still be ongoing*

M-2 Schedule

0600-0900 hrs Mil & DND (ID’s Req’d);
0900-1200 hrs FORCE eval’s, Remedial & Appointments;
1200-1730 hrs Mil, DND & Rec Plan Members (IDs Req’d);

NOTE: Previous Rec Plan Members or posted-in member(s) may drop in between the hours Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 0800-1600 and/or Tuesday & Friday 1000-1800 hrs (closed 1300-1400 for lunch) to renew Memberships. New Memberships are expected to be available Oct 21.
Scheduled Events, take-out and seated dining, please contact:

Gagetown Officer’s Mess:
WO & Sgt’s Mess:
Maritime Club-Junior Ranks Mess:

Administration Services 
Military In/Out Clearances:

PSP Health Promotion 
Virtual and Scheduled classes
422-2000 ext. 4173

Gage Golf & Curling Club: Open

PSP Recreation 
Closed until further notice 

Virtual Services:
Facebook @pspgagetownrec

Administration Services

Military In/Out Clearances : (2)
(1) Recreation:
(2) Sports Stores:

PSP Military Sports: Scheduled Practices

Force Evaluation: Essential testing only:

Reconditioning / Remedial Program

Scheduled Military Swim:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs
Wednesday & Friday 0600 hrs - 0700 hrs

Scheduled : combat diver training, specialized testing or specific reconditioning

Soldiers Arena: Will Open Thursday, January 28

Soldiers Arena is open at various hours to military members and and intersection practices only during this phase.

Bookings are required for civilian use (Oromocto & Area Minor Hockey Association, Oromocto Skating Club, power skating) and users must answer provincial health screening questions and register on nominal roll upon arrival.

Skills and drills practices are only one team per ice time during this phase.

We encourage feedback via our Feedback Form:

Carefully read the new conditions of FORCE Evaluation delivery in response to COVID-19:
June 2020
March 2020

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue taking advantage of the online content provided by our PSP Gagetown staff from Recreation, Fitness and Sports, and Health Promotions:

 @pspgagetown      @pspgagetownrec      @PSPGagetown Recreation


We thank you for your strong support to the Canadian Armed Forces and we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

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