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Memberships & COVID-19

COVID-19 Update: 

Membership and Program Registration Fees Reimbursements and Credits: 

1. With the recent impact of COVID-19, the following temporary Financial Policy measures are directed with regards to NPP membership and/or program fees:

a. Mess Dues: Until further notice, mess dues will continue to be processed and applied to member’s pay. It is fully expected that at a later date PMCs and mess committees will resume planning of activities/entertainment with these funds;

b. Gym Access Fees/Recreation Membership/PSP Plan payment;

i. Fixed Period memberships (i.e. paid in full up front) will automatically be extended for the duration the facility is closed beginning from 16 March, 2020. Reimbursements will not be given; and
ii. Monthly memberships on a payment plan will continue to be processed and applied to member’s pay/credit card. The monthly fees paid while the facilities are closed will be credited for future programs or renewal of annual membership.

c. Cancellation of Recreation programs, NPP events and private functions;

i. Clients that have paid for a future PSP Recreation program (camps, swimming lessons, etc.), or an NPP event/private functions that have been cancelled will have a full reimbursement processed, with no administration fees charged;
ii. If more than 50% of the program has occurred, no refund will be issued at this time; and
iii. If a non-refundable deposit was required for the program, no refund will be issued for the deposit.

D. Recreation Club memberships: Based on current club financial situation, Recreation Club Executives may vote to reimburse any fees related to being a club member; and

e. Specialty Interest Activities (SIA) payment (e.g. Golf, Curling, etc): Until further notice, scheduled monthly membership payments will continue. Pre-paid annual membership will not be reimbursed at this time, however all membership payments, applicable for when the facility is closed, will be credited for future annual memberships.

Additional Notes:

All allotments for memberships were ceased 01 May, 2020, although Rec fees were taken out in April

Anyone posted out or releasing/retiring will get a refund for those dues as part of the out clearance process through the Recreation Association.

When the facility re-opens, allotments will NOT restart until after one month that we have resumed operations to account for the April dues that were taken off pay.

Anyone that paid in full Debit/Credit/Cash and had time remaining on their memberships as of 16 March, 2020 , will have their memberships extended in accordance with the time closed (Eg. Membership expired 30 April 2020, membership will be extended 48 days from 14 March-30 April).

Pre-Authorzed payment plans were ceased 01 May, 2020 as well. NPF has sent out letters to those clients and if they have questions should contact the accounting office. 

There were programs that had less than half of the session dates completed. Those participants who this impacted do have credits on their accounts which can be put towards new programs or a refund issued once we re-open. In the case where members are posted before we reopen, we will do the refund as part of the out clearance routine as I am checking client wallets on BK to ensure those are cleared before posting. For those who registered for Spring swimming lessons that did not occur will get a full credit to be used for future programming or refund once we have reopened. If posted, a full refund will be facilitated at the time of out clearance processing.