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Special Events
The Gagetown MFRC organizes a large variety of different special events through the year. Our special events offer a great place for volunteers to meet people in a social setting while giving back and interacting with our community.

Child and Youth Programs
Our Child and Youth Programs offer a wide variety of social, recreational and educational programs to ages 0-18. We welcome volunteer support in facilitating programs, program preparation, baking, etc. and if you have a special area of skill or interest we’d love to give you the opportunity to showcase your talent.

Language Services
Our Official Languages Services Program offers a variety of services and is a great opportunity to practice English and French. Not all opportunities require volunteers to be completely bilingual, we just want to bring all members of the community together.

Childcare Centre
Our Childcare Centre is a happening place, with lots of playing and exploring going on! If you’d like to be a part of the fun we would love for you to join us. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities within our full time centre, our after school program and our casual childcare program.

Community Programs
Our Volunteer Services Program works in partnership with other non-profit and volunteer organizations within the community, and will often work together for special events or community initiatives.

General Duties
There are general task and administration duties available for volunteers to complete. Many of these opportunities offer volunteers flexibility with hours, to work from home, and a chance to gain new skills.

Find our opportunities here.

Board of Directors
The MFRC Board of Directors is a great opportunity to be an Ambassador for the MFRC and to guide the strategic goals of the organization to better serve the community.