Parent Resources

Whether it’s an after-school program, hockey, swimming lessons or summer camp, recreation and sport activities help kids learn new things, feel good about themselves and make friends. With these valuable benefits, it’s important to find that positive experience for your child. Most parents already do a good job finding out about safety standards and staff qualifications when choosing programs for their children. It’s just as important to look at how the program supports healthy child development. You want to make sure your child will have a positive experience – and leave the activity smiling!
Parent Checklist 
A FREE handy card to use as a reminder of what to look for when choosing quality programs. It is to be used while visiting and observing your child’s program. It will help you find out if your child’s program supports healthy child development. 

Reviewing Programs Together
A FREE two-part tool designed to help you assess the quality of your child’s program.
  • Program Checklist: to be used while visiting and observing your child’s program. It will help you find out if your child’s program supports healthy child development. 
  • “Ask Your Child” questionnaire : We are all too familiar with the “fine” or “OK” answer when we ask children about their day at camp or at the after-school program. This questionnaire can help you talk to your child about his/her experience in a program and help you discover valuable information.

Please use the Reviewing Programs Together document to review the evaluation process of the High Five Programs.

Participaction is a wonderful resource for parents to read up on program ideas and initiatives.

Parent FAQ

Is HIGH FIVE® a program in which I can enrol my child?
No. HIGH FIVE® is a quality standard that organizations follow. The standard provides tools, training and resources to help organizations improve and measure the quality of their programs for children, 6 to 12 . To locate a Registered Organization in your area that is involved in HIGH FIVE®, please visit your Authorized Provider. 
What does the HIGH FIVE® logo mean?
The HIGH FIVE® logo symbolizes an organization’s “Commitment to Children”. You will find this logo on materials that HIGH FIVE® produces, as well as in recreation guides and other communications material produced by registered HIGH FIVE® organizations.
The five stars on the logo represent the five principles of healthy child development, –– a caring adult, friends, play, mastery and participation. When all of these elements of quality are present, the recreation or sport program will contribute to healthy child development and your child will likely have a positive experience.
How can I suggest to my local recreation department or organization that they get involved with HIGH FIVE®?
If your local/community organization is not involved, contact the person responsible for children’s programs or the Director of Recreation and suggest that they become involved. You may also contact your Authorized Provider and advise that an information package be sent. You can also speak to a local city counselor or board member about the importance of your local/community organization becoming involved in HIGH FIVE®.
Is HIGH FIVE® mandatory for organizations providing recreation and sports programs?
No. HIGH FIVE® is a voluntary program for organizations that are interested in ensuring their programs support healthy child development. Although not required, it is the only comprehensive quality standard of its type that is recognized nationally.