COVID-19 Facility Updates

COVID-19 Facility Updates

Please be sure to view our COVID-19 Facility Updates page or follow us on Facebook @pspgagetown as we move through a phased reopening.

COVID-19 Facility Updates

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At this time, members of the public will not be permitted access to the fitness centre as a precautionary public health measure. As soon as the directive changes, we will notify you. 

The Gagetown Fitness Centre will close today, Tuesday, February 16 at 1300 hrs after the noon hour session.
Gagetown Fitness Centre - Feb 15, 2021
We are expecting poor weather conditions tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16.
The current plan is to open for the first two sessions and re-evaluate conditions in the morning.
To reiterate, we will open for the 0600-0700 and 0730-0830 sessions.
Please check for updates as snow and road conditions worsen.
The Gagetown Fitness Centre will remain CLOSED today, Tuesday, February 2.

Update: 1 February 2021:

Due to poor weather conditions expected tomorrow (Tuesday, 2 February) the Gagetown Fitness Centre is scheduled for a delayed opening; the first session is planned for 1200 hrs. Depending on the storm, we may delay further or close for the remainder of the day. Please check back for updates.
The Remedial program is cancelled. Please contact
Soldiers Arena is scheduled to open at 1000 hrs. However, please check back for updates tomorrow morning.
5 CDSB Gagetown January 26

Scheduled Events, take-out and seated dining, please contact:

Gagetown Officer’s Mess:
WO & Sgt’s Mess:
Maritime Club-Junior Ranks Mess:

Administration Services 
Military In/Out Clearances:

PSP Health Promotion 
Virtual and Scheduled classes
422-2000 ext. 4173

Gage Golf & Curling Club: Open; Scheduled league practice.

PSP Recreation 
Closed until further notice 

Virtual Services:
Facebook @pspgagetownrec

Administration Services

Military In/Out Clearances : (2)
(1) Recreation:
(2) Sports Stores:

PSP Military Sports: Scheduled Practices

Fitness Centre :
The gym will open tomorrow, Jan 27 at 0600 hrs

Masks mandatory at all times. Showers are not available.

Individual Training: 
Open to Military/DND/NPF personnel with ID who must answer provincial health screening questions upon arrival.

Hours are 0600-1730 hrs weekdays. No evenings or weekends.

Monday to Friday / Lundi à vendredi:

0600-0700 100 pers max
0730-0830 100 pers max
0900-1200 No open gym period (FORCE Eval / remedial PT / Admin)
1200-1300 100 pers max
1330-1430 100 pers max
1500-1600 100 pers max
1630-1730 50 pers max


Force Evaluation: Essential testing only:

Reconditioning / Remedial Program

Pool: OPEN: Scheduled Military Swim:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs
Wednesday & Friday 0600 hrs - 0700 hrs

Scheduled : combat diver training, specialized testing or specific reconditioning

Soldiers Arena: Will Open Thursday, January 28

Soldiers Arena is open at various hours to military members and and intersection practices only during this phase.

Bookings are required for civilian use (Oromocto & Area Minor Hockey Association, Oromocto Skating Club, power skating) and users must answer provincial health screening questions and register on nominal roll upon arrival.

Skills and drills practices are only one team per ice time during this phase.
January 20 
Scheduled take-out events only, please contact:

Gagetown Officer’s Mess:
WO & Sgt’s Mess:
Maritime Club-Junior Ranks Mess:

Administration Services :
Military In/Out Clearances:
Messes (
PSP Health Promotion:
Virtual services only:
422-2000 ext. 4173
Health Promotion (
Gage Golf & Curling: CLOSED until further notice:
Home - Gage Golf & Curling Club (
PSP Recreation:
CLOSED until further notice.

Virtual Services:
Home (
Facebook @pspgagetownrec

Administration Services:

Military In/Out Clearances : (2)
(1) Recreation:
(2) Sports Stores:
PSP Military Sports: None
PSP Military Fitness:
Individual Training: CLOSED until further notice.

Force Evaluation: Essential testing only.
Info: Base Gagetown Military Fitness (

Reconditioning / Remedial Program:
*Less combat diver training, specialized testing or specific reconditioning
Soldiers Arena: CLOSED until further notice
5 CDSB Gagetown

Effective 0600 hrs tomorrow, January 20, Building M2 (Fitness Centre) will be closed until further direction has been received from Command and the Province. We will update you with information as soon as we receive it.

Thank you for your continued support.
PSP Management
Pool user (Currently CAF members) info:
All pool users are now required to wear their masks when they are on the pool deck until they get into the water. There are numbered hooks on the wall for your mask. Please remember your hook number to ensure you retrieve the correct mask.

Holiday Schedule PDF 2020

Update from the Base Gagetown Fitness Centre - PSP Gagetown - 5 Nov 2020

Access to Military Members & DND Civilian Employees.

Fitness Centre Update
As of 9 November, the following schedule will be in effect:
Access is now permitted to military members and DND civilian employees
(ID mandatory).
Hours of operation are 0600 – 1730 Monday to Friday as follows:
0600-0700              100 pers max
0730-0830              100 pers max
0900-1200              No open gym period (FORCE Eval / remedial PT / Admin)
1200-1300              100 pers max
1330-1430              100 pers max
1500-1600              100 pers max
1630-1730              50 pers max *NEW*
CLOSED Remembrance Day.
Keep in mind that the first five sessions will accept a maximum of 100 people while the last session will only accept a maximum of fifty.

Feel free to call ahead at local 3380 to find out if we are close to capacity.
You can register or drop-in
(registration for a session will hold your spot up to 10 mins past the session start time).

Units must still book their PSP led classes through Jessica Davis at
*You may arrive for the session start time up to and including 30-40 minutes past.
When you arrive, present your military or civilian ID to PSP staff.* 
Exiting the building during cleaning is mandatory.
Change rooms to change clothes are only available to persons using the pool.
Toilet facilities are open.
Outdoor soiled footwear is not permitted.
A coat/boot/locker/bag room is available just to your right as you enter the building.
MASKS are mandatory at all times.
Please do not hesitate to ask staff for assistance or clarification on new policies.
Follow us on our social media or this page for facility updates or to register for your sessions.
We encourage feedback via our Feedback Form:


Please see more info below about access.
Carefully read the new conditions of FORCE Evaluation delivery in response to COVID-19:
June 2020
March 2020
September 3, 2020

We will move to the next phase of reopening on September 8th.

Military Units will now be able to book PT classes for their units.

For more information please have your Unit Sports Officer contact -

August 27th, 2020
Comd 5 CDSB and the Staff of the Gagetown Fitness Centre will open our doors, Monday, August 31st at 0600 hrs. 

There have been many hours of preparation and modifications to our facility because of COVID-19.  We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our Members and our Staff. Our operations can expect adjustments as we move forward. Your support and understanding are important during this process. 

We are excited to begin this phased reopening, starting with access to individual Military Personnel. Our goal is to move through these phases progressively and efficiently. Through appropriate compliance and with sustainable measures in place, demonstrating safety in accessing our facility, we will be able to offer our services to the public.
We look forward to re-establishing service at the Gagetown Fitness Centre as well as welcoming new and familiar faces.

Please follow our Facebook page @pspgagetown for updates and information about how you can obtain access to the PSP Gagetown Fitness Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will keep you up to date on increasing hours and programming as we progress through resuming services.

Instructions about how to gain access to the Fitness Centre


Military Lap Swim:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs
Wednesday & Friday 0600 hrs - 0700 hrs
10 spots maximum
Access to change rooms.



13 July 2020

We know many of you are really looking forward to returning to our fitness centre and we are looking forward to seeing you.

As Base Gagetown slowly and safely resumes its operations according to the required health and safety requirements, we are working towards getting all the necessary measures in place to reopen as soon as possible. Our priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, our patrons and staff and our surrounding community.

Our facility will be different when you return and will not have the same capacity or same level of available equipment as it did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional safeguards will be in place and access to some equipment or areas may not be available right away.

Please continue to follow our PSP Gagetown Facebook page for updates. We will advise our users of any new updated information as soon as we receive it.
Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience and participation in our virtual programming.

21 May 2020

In anticipation of a potential announcement by the province tomorrow that would allow the re-opening of gymnasiums, we want to let you know that there are additional considerations that will apply to services provided at Base Gagetown. In this context of a gradual and safe return to normal operations in civilian establishments, Base Gagetown continues to operate essential services only and its fitness centre will NOT re-open at this time.

The priority for the Base Gagetown Fitness Center has been and remains support to military training. Prior to its closure, fitness activities associated with military training were always prioritized above recreational access and our resumption of fitness operations will first focus on support to students and staff once training resumes.

In the face of COVID-19, uunprecedented measures have been taken to protect the health and well-being of military members so they can remain ready to support current operations, local and international, as well as any future ones. Keeping our fitness center closed to the public at this time will help reduce potential exposure thereby protecting our forces so they can stay fit for duty.

The situation will be closely monitored with the health and well-being of our military members, public users and their families as our main concern and adjustments will be made when it is appropriate and safe to do so.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue taking advantage of the online content provided by our PSP Gagetown staff from Recreation, Fitness and Sports, and Health Promotions:

 @pspgagetown      @pspgagetownrec      @PSPGagetown Recreation


These programs are there to support our entire community of clients during these exceptional times.

We thank you for your strong support to the Canadian Armed Forces and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Stay safe.

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