Deployment Support

Deployment Support


Deployment Support

The goal of our Deployment Support program is to provide resources and support that meet families needs as a result of deployment.  Family separation and Reunion occur at most military sites, whether through deployment, training and other tasks.  If you are a member who meets this criteria or a family member who would like to take advantage of our services, please contact Holly Moores, Deployment Support Coordinator at 709-896-6900 ext.2157 for more information on the services available to you.

Outreach, Information, Support and Assistance to CAF Family Members (Regular Force/Reserve) - enhances the ability of CAF members to be ready for duty and supports the well-being of family members before, during and after periods of separation.  We also provide support to parents of single Regular Force and Reserve Members before, during and after deployments.

The objective of Deployment Services are:

-Families are aware of and have access to relevant programs and services designed to help them manage CAF related separation and reunion.

-Families are aware of and prepared for the challenges they may encounter before, during and after separation

-Families have opportunities to connect with and support each other during periods of separation.

-Families have help to deal with crisis before, during and after periods of separation.

Things we do:

-We develop information packages related to deployment and to help prepare members and their families for the time away.

-Place warm line calls to family members

-We plan activities for families to socialize

-We provide information on guidelines to mail parcel to deployed member

-We provide free package mailing services to families

-Provide Respite/Emergency Childcare

The MFRC ensures that the family of the CF Member remains connected to the Wing and Community Resources/Services during the military member’s absence. Family members are connected to the community, thereby reducing feelings of loneliness and stress often associated with extended separations.

For more information please contact Holly Moores at (709)-896-6900 ext. 2157 or our Toll Free Deployment Support Line at 1-866-711-6677