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Employment Assistance

Please contact the Advanced Education and Skills Department at 163 Hamilton River Road, or call (709) 896-8846 or toll-free 1-800-449-3144 or see their website: http://www.aes.gov.nl.ca/default.htm.

At the MFRC we Provide Access To:
The Internet
Fax machine, photocopier, etc.
A variety of resources
A career resource library

Employment Posting Possibilities
Are you posted this summer? Are you wondering what the employment possibilities are like in your new potential location? If so, why not drop by the MFRC and check out the employment prospects for that area and help start your job search early. For more information call the MFRC at 896-6900 ext. 2157.

Career Resource Library
The MFRC now has a Career Resource Library to assist spouses in their career planning whether it is for updating your resume or checking out the Distance Education Materials. We are also hooked up to the Internet so come in and see what we can do for you!

Distance Education Learning
Thinking of taking a college course, but…regular classroom attendance is impossible?
The course you want is not offered at your local college?
You may be transferred soon and won’t be able to complete the course you want?

Consider Distance Learning
Organize your schedule to meet the needs of your other daily requirements
Study when it is convenient for you
Know that you can complete the program no matter where you are living

The MFRC has Distance Education calendars of various universities and colleges from across the country. These are available for anyone to come and look at or to sign out. They are located in our Career Resource Library. We are also connected to the Internet if you would like to check out a specific school or course. Come and check out our resources. If you are unsure of what it is you would like to do why not make an appointment with the Employment Assistance Coordinator who can help you wade through your options! For more information please call the MFRC at 896-6900 ext. 2157