Covid Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions agreement for Gym Use starting June 29th 2020 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMTION AND SIGN YOUR NAME AS ACCEPTING THESE TERMS

  1. Facility 

  • Hours of opening initially will be 0800-1600 hrs.  The facility will re-open for Military Member first and then proceed and adapt do Provincial alert levels and guidelines to include families and civilian employees.   The next phase will consider current Associate Members, but only when WComd as indicated safe to do so based on industry guidelines and Provincial regulations. 

  • Workout times.  Members will be required to book their workout times through BookKing.   

  • Members will be required to obey all signage and physical distancing guidelines while in the facility and use appropriate hand washing and/or sanitization has required 

  • All users to the facility will be REQUIRED to SCAN into the building through the Book King scanner.  This will ensure we have an accurate time for ALL users in the facility should there be a requirement for timeline tracing. 

  • Members are requested to report to the facility for the time they have booked and depart upon completion of workout and cleaning of equipment. 

  • Members will receive a spray bottle of disinfectant and cloths or papertowels to clean the equipment before using if they chose but mandatory cleaning after use.   

  • Members are asked to come to the gym ready to work out to keep facility usage low and traffic at a minimal.  At this time we ask that you only use the changeroom for the washroom facilities. 

  • Sauna and shower are will remain closed during the initial opening.  Re-evaluated after two weeks. 

  • Water Fountains will not be available.  Members will be required to bring their own water. 

  • Once in the chosen workout area members will be asked to clean the equipment with their personal spray bottle and discard of any paper towel in garbage provided.  Each piece of equipment cleaned should be cleaned thoroughly and clean any areas that sweat or other vapor particles may have landed. 

  • In the weight rooms we ask users to be considerate and build their workout around using only two or three pieces of equipment in a set.  Once the set is complete ensure all equipment is cleaned before moving along to the next set. Be prepared to adjust workout if required.  Cooperation will be the key to success. We ask any weights touched or used to be placed near the mirrors, or left on weight stations to ensure proper cleaning. 

  • Hours to book the workout times are as follows: 

  • 0800-0900 

  • 1000-1100 

  • 1200-1300 

  • 1400-1500 

  • 1600-1700 


  • Upon completion of workout members are to throughly wipe down all equipemtn touched and used. Members may have to adjust their workouts to accommodate this cleaning.

  • The remaining 45 min of a vacant facility will be to ensure frequently touched areas have been cleaned and the facility ready for the next group of users. 

  • Once everyone has adapted to the “New Routine” and flowing smoothly we will adapt the workout schedule accordingly.  Schedule changes will not be made without consideration to Health and Safety for the employee and user and consultation with WComd or her appointed representative. 

  • All users of the facility should have with them a mask for usage if required. 

  • Weightlifters who are not working out with a Bubble Buddy should ensure the weights they are lifting do not require a spotter.  Should a spotter be required a mask would be also be required. 

  • Spray bottle and used cloth will be returned to a designated area once complete.