Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement and MFS Vision:

To develop and provide the best possible service, programs and activities which enhance the quality of life for the individual and family within the military community at Goose Bay.

This is achieved through professional staff and volunteers working at the Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) in the following mandated areas:

Goals Statement I - Empowered military families with members who identify and advocate for policies, program and services which positively impact on their daily lives.

Goals Statement II - Military families coping creatively and constructively with the unique stresses associated with the military lifestyle.

Goals Statement III - Military families who actively build communities where families and individuals are supported, service is encouraged, and all ages experience a sense of integration and camaraderie.

Goals Statement IV - Military families equipped with knowledge, skills and motivation to prevent personal and community instances of family violence, divorce, substance abuse, financial difficulties, and psycho/social difficulties.

Goals Statement V - Military families who promote positive relationships with the civilian community by increasing understanding of the military lifestyle.

Goals Statement VI - A cost effective and efficient family support program meeting all national minimum standards and unique local needs.


The GBMFRC operates in adherence with the following guiding principles and values.  Attitudes and behaviours of all employees must reflect these principles and values:

A.     PARTNERSHIP between the CF and the civilian spouses and families of service members (i.e., the Wing Commanders and the Board of Directors);

B.     PARTICIPATION of civilian spouses of military members, as well as military members, in the planning, developing, management and evaluation of the GBMFRC and its programs and services;

C.     PROFESSIONALISM in all aspects of the program and among the staff at the Centre;

D.     ACCESSIBILITY and AVAILABILITY to military families of the resources and services which have been identifies as core;

E.      FLEXIBILITY and DYNAMISM to reflect differences in demographics, the particular uniqueness of each family and community served, as well as social changes in peace or war;

F.      CONFIDENTIALITY, within legal bounds, for users of counselling and crisis programs and family support services;

G.     EVALUATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY to all members of the CF community for the effectiveness of the GBMFRC, its programs and services; and

H.     EXPERTISE, in all personnel responsible for the provision of programs, services, and management of the GBMFRC, in the form of appropriate qualifications, and education/training/experience.
MFS Vision
Confident, capable and resilient families in a supportive Canadian Forces community

MFS Mission
To promote and facilitate community-based military services that strengthen Canadian Forces families and communities.

MFS Values
Acknowledges the unique nature or family and community life within the CF
Respects the inherent strengths of CF families

MFS Principle
The Military Family Services :
  • Supports the achievement of MFS goals in diverse and flexible ways
  • Operates in an accountable and transparent manner
  • Promotes an environment of equality and respect
  • Works collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Builds mutually-supportive partnerships with the CF and the broader community to enhance individual, family and community development within the CF
  • Recognizes the interdependent nature of individual, family and community life
  • Recognizes the inherent resources, skills and capacities of CF families
  • Encourages and recognizes the importance of life-long learning, mutual assistance and support
  • Promotes leadership, volunteerism and participation in all aspects of community development
  • Works towards providing safe, secure family and community environments
  • Respects the integrity of all those involved in the Program
  • Ensures confidentiality of personal information
  • Continually seeks to improve practice
  • Advocates for policies, services and systems that strengthen CF communities and enhance the well-being of military families