National Lifeguard Course


Fall 2020 NationaL lifeguard course dates

October 19th & 20th -- 0900 to 1700
October 25th -- 1615 to 2100
October 26th & 27th -- 0900 to 1700
November 1st -- 1615 to 2100
November 2nd & 3rd -- 0900 to 1700
November 9th -- EXAM (Time TBD)

National Lifeguard (NL) certification is the industry standard for lifeguards in Canada.  NL guards are water rescue professionals trained in emergency care.  They prevent accidents.  They are trained to spot potential trouble and intervene before it becomes life-threatening.  They identify hazards and determine safe practices.  They educate the public about the hazards and risks associated with acquatic activities.

This 60 hours course includes Standard First Aid "C" with AED certification in addtion to the National Lifeguard (NL) certification.  Candidates develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.  Fitness requirements include a timed object recovery and swim with a 20 lb object, 50 m rescue drill, 50 m head up swim and a 400 m endurance challenge.

Pre-requisities: 16 years of age by the test date and the Bronze Cross
Cost: $280.00 (HST included)
Course fee includes the Alert and Canadian First Aid Manual

Course registration is available online at
Contact the Aquatics Coordinator at 902-765-1494 ext 5564 for more information