Deployment Support

Deployment Support


H&R MFRC deployment programs and resources are designed to keep families informed, supported and connected before, during and after a deployment. We provide families with a variety of opportunities to connect and support one another during periods of separation by facilitating briefs, deployment education workshops (in person & virtual), family networks, social activities and social media groups.

Family networks are created, for deployments six months or longer, to organize activities and special events. Family networks are a way to build relationships with other military families. No one knows more about the challenges of deployment than families who are experiencing or who have experienced the separation of a loved one.

The H&R MFRC relies on family contact information provided by the CAF member to begin contact with family members. Once initial contact has been made, family members can decide their preferred level of involvement with the H&R MFRC. We connect with family members in person, by email, phone and closed Facebook groups to provide updates on the deployment, information on activities, programs and services.

If you would like to learn more about our deployment services, and have not heard from the H&R MFRC, please contact us so we can connect with you. 


The H&R MFRC accepts and welcomes military family children and adults of all abilities. We believe that all individuals deserve an environment and experiences that promote growth in all areas of their development. Our programs and services endeavor to provide for the full inclusion of individuals and families with unique needs; some reflecting their family’s background or culture. Our Director of Inclusion will work families to discuss specific individual needs and ensure program modifications and adaptions are in place.