Wild Goosechase

Wild Goosechase

Starting on May 30th, 2021, the entire Defense Team is being invited on a "Wild Goosechase" by the Halifax Health Promotion Team!

This interactive adventure will have members pursuing a healthier lifestyle without them even realizing it, as they will be having so much fun competing in selected challenges. The goal of this unpredictable course is to get people doing more of the things they enjoy - like getting active, eating healthy and reducing substance use. After all that work, they’ll be ready for a relaxing stay at a Rodd Hotels & Resorts!

This is a virtual event - the participants will download the Goose Chase App and each week they will be assigned various health challenges from the Health Promotion Team.

The participants will complete tasks and then send text confirmation that they completed the task, send in a photo of the completed task such as a healthy breakfast, or even use their phone to check in at their favorite spot to get active outdoors. Are you ready to start making positive healthy changes, but don’t know where to start? Health Promotion’s Wild Goose Chase will be a fun and engaging way to find a healthier lifestyle. You will participate in a wide variety of health challenges and compete with your fellow defence community members along the way!

Sign up today! - and let the chase begin!



Civilians enter "CIV"


Civilians enter "CIV"
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