Mental Health & Well-Being (H&R MFRC)

The H&R MFRC offers a range of services and programs to support families, including counselling services. Our Family Well-Being Counsellors are comprised of professionals with experience in counselling, family and peer support, and crisis intervention.

Support can be accessed for a variety of reasons; including: work-related separations, parenting challenges, relationship issues, separation and divorce, grief and loss, and family violence. Counselling sessions are short term and requests for support are typically addressed within 1 business day; evening appointments outside of regular business hours can be accommodated upon request. Counsellors are able to provide referrals to other community agencies and supports, as well as education and prevention programming offered by the H&R MFRC.

There are a range of short-term support resources available to military families during exceptional circumstances. These support services are managed by the Mental Health & Well-Being Team and include, but are not limited to, the following:


We manage six apartments in Halifax for CAF members and their families to use when a crisis, compassionate or exceptional circumstance affects the family’s ability to remain in their home. The stay is subsidized by the H&R MFRC and an established criteria is used to determine priority stays and length of stay. We work with families on a case by case basis.


There may be times when families are faced with personal financial challenges. There is an established criteria to determine eligibility for financial support (i.e. Financial Assistance Fund, funds, grocery cards) and we work with families on a case by case basis.


The H&R MFRC, through the Military Family Services Program (MFSP) Emergency Child Care (ECC) Policy supports families by facilitating short-term emergency child care requirements. There is an established national criteria to determine eligibility. Families are encouraged to develop a comprehensive child care plan and in the event this plan fails, families are eligible to access MFS Emergency Child Care. This care is available 24/7 however, it may take several hours to put into place. In discussion with the family, application of resources will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


We recognize that sometimes families need a break, especially during a deployment. If a situation is not considered an emergency but child care would be considered beneficial to a family’s well-being, a period of respite child care may be available to a family. This service is a local enhancement to the MFSP Emergency Child Care Policy.

To speak with a member of the Mental Health and Well-Being Team regarding any of these services, please call 902-427-7788 and ask to speak with a Family Well-Being Counsellor.