Newborns to Toddlers

Children & Parents Programs (H&R MFRC)


The H&R MFRC’s programs are designed to support the unique needs of families with children living the military lifestyle, and to support healthy child, youth, parent and family development. Programs promote positive child/parent interactions, enhance positive parenting skills, and foster family time. The H&R MFRC provides opportunities for families to develop supportive relationships with other military families.

The H&R MFRC has a youth centre, two licensed child care centres and provides additional child care options for casual use and during an emergency. Child care may also be offered during some of our adult programs held at the H&R MFRC.


The H&R MFRC accepts and welcomes military family children and adults of all abilities. We believe that all individuals deserve an environment and experiences that promote growth in all areas of their development. Our programs and services endeavor to provide for the full inclusion of individuals and families with unique needs; some reflecting their family’s background or culture. Our Director of Inclusion will work families to discuss specific individual needs and ensure program modifications and adaptions are in place.