Where your money goes

As a registered charitable organization, H&R MFRC relies on community support and fundraising to provide many other services to our families. One of the largest pieces of misinformation about the MFRC is that we are fully funded by the government, or that we are a government agency - neither is true. While government funding does support a portion of our operating costs, approximately 40 per cent of our revenues come from fundraising and user fees supporting many programs and services including:
  • Welcome and Community Orientation activities - for new CAF families posted in the community
  • Emergency housing and emergency funds
  • Deployment support and assistance - keeping CAF families informed, supported and connected during operations
  • Casual child care services - for when families need to take a break or run a few errands
  • Youth initiatives (youth centres, summer camps) - teaching CAF youth new skills and keeping them challenged and connected to other CAF youth
  • Parenting support and workshops - helping parents find ways to support children with unique challenges of CAF lifestyle
  • Second language services - a vital link for many of our Francophone families