PSP esports - FORTNITE


Thank you all for registering for our first Fortnite esports Tournament!
presented by PSP Halifax.



Below are the rules and regulations for the tournament:

The tournament will be held 1:00-4:00pm AST (Atlantic Standard Time) and will be entirely online.

There will be a Players Meeting at 12:30pm AST and all players are asked to check in.

This will be done via the PSP Halifax Facebook Page and joining the live stream that a PSP employee will be hosting titled, "PSP Halifax Fortnite Esport Tournament".

Team captains or parent representatives will be asked to type "checking in".

ALL PLAYERS will need to submit photos of their screens to confirm their stats.

Duo teams will play in non ranked duo servers, and submit their scores by:

1. At completion of the game, pulling up the additional stats (PS4 is square button - will vary depending on system)
2. Taking a picture of the screen (with the secret hand signal)*

3. Be sure to include teams placing and eliminations in picture
4. Send picture to PSP Halifax Facebook page via messenger
5. Pictures received after 4:01pm AST will not be accepted

*Secret hand signal to be released 12:45pm AST in the players meeting.

The scoring will work as follows:

Captains, or parent representatives will submit scores after every game throughout the 3 hour tournament.

The BEST 6 GAMES will be counted at the end towards your placement versus the other teams.

Victory Royale = +6
Top 2 = +3
Top 3-5 = +2
Top 6-25 = +1
Eliminations = +3 per (total for the duo)

For example, if Johnny and Sam played 15 games in 3 hours, the 6 best scores are counted (I recommend submitting all scores as the day goes on). An example of how 1 game would be scored is seen below.

Game 1
Placement - 4th
Eliminations - 8 (total between both players)
Points = 26 pts (3 for placement +(3x8 eliminations)=26)

If there are any questions - please feel free to ask.

There will be a livestream and leaderboard throughout the event on the PSP Halifax Facebook page so be sure to check in or ask questions at any time.

Thank you,

PSP Recreation