Newcomer's Welcome (H&R MFRC)

The H&R MFRC supports military families transitioning into their new community. The Welcome & Community Integration Coordinator works with families to provide the information required to integrate into the community before, during and after a posting. Our welcome packages provide information and links to useful community, municipal and provincial resources, including housing, healthcare, tourism, education and employment. 

Download a copy of our Welcome Guide (Halifax and region).

Download a copy of our Sydney Welcome Guide (Sydney, Cape Breton).

For additional information, please click on Resources (below).

Our Francophone Program Coordinator offers services and resources for francophone families posted to our area. For more information, please contact Andrée Jacques at 902-720-2113 or via email:

Our Director of Inclusion works one-on-one with new families to assist and support them with navigating and connecting to community resources and agencies when special/complex/exceptional needs are present. Please contact Melissa by calling 902-720-2168 or via email: