Navy 10K Run - Virtual Series

Navy 10K Run - Virtual Series

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Event:  Navy 10K Run - Virtual Series
Date:  June 1 - August 24 (over 12 weeks)
Location:  Anywhere / Virtual
Eligibility: Open to everyone
Cost: FREE!!!

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Navy 10K Run scheduled for 2021 has been cancelled.  Personnel Support Programs Halifax will be offering the Navy 10K Run Virtual Series to provide an opportunity for people to stay active and connected during this difficult time.  The Virtual Series will be free and open to everyone starting June 1 and running for 12 weeks until August 24.  There will be Individual and Team events with weekly challenges and contests.  Please respect social distancing guidelines in your area and all related closures and restrictions to parks, trails, streets, etc. due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Categories and Challenges:

Race Categories: Individual, Military Team, Open Team

Individual Distances: 800m, 1500m, 2500m, 5K, and 10K

Individual Goals – Personal Best: Participants are automatically registered for 5 different distances. Over the course of the 12 weeks, they can choose to post personal best times in one, some, or all of the 5 distances. As new personal bests are achieved, participants will be able to go into Race Roster and update their times. There will be the opportunity to upload screenshots from run tracking apps like RunKeeper, Strava, Nike+, etc. for proof of completion. Results will be sorted by age categories.

Individual Goals – Total Distance: Participants will have the ability to edit their registration in Race Roster to update the total kilometers completed over the 12 weeks of the Virtual Series. It is recommended that participants keep a personal record of their daily distances and update their registration in Race Roster on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the course of the series. Total distance is based on the honour system. The goal is to encourage regular physical activity, not push people beyond safe limits in training distance or frequency.

Military Team: This category is open to active Regular and Reserve Force members only.

Open Team: This category is open to everyone. No restrictions.

Team Goals: Competition will involve teambuilding, total distance and other challenges
between teams. A team captain will be responsible for registering, setting up and recruiting members to their team in Race Roster and through social media. There will be resources on the site to assist with recruiting. Once team members have registered it will be up to the individual members to edit their total distance and time in Race Roster.

Results and Awards: There will be leaderboards available on Race Roster with opportunities to achieve Virtual trophies. Participants will also be able to print off Finisher Certificates with their personal best times.

Prizes: We will be awarding various prizes for different challenges over the course of the
Virtual Series. Delivery times of physical prizes may be delayed due to the current state of
affairs in various areas at the time of award.

Weekly Challenges: Each week there will be a call to action released to all participants
outlining a specific challenge for that week. Some weeks may have more than one challenge and some challenges may last more than one week. The challenges are meant to be fun, promote physical activity and encourage social media interaction between participants.

Virtual Series: Monthly Challenges - Click Here!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I register in both the Individual and Team categories?
A. Yes. We hope that everyone registers as an Individual and as a member of a Team to take advantage of everything the Virtual Series has to offer. Participants registered in both will have to update their total distance and time separately in both categories.

Q. As an active military member, can I register in both the Military Team and Open Team categories?
A. Yes. We want military members to be able to participate both as a member of their Unit in any inter-Unit competitions as well as on a Team with their non-military friends, family, etc. Participants registered for both would have to update their total distance and time separately in both categories.

Q. I missed the June 1 launch. Can I still register?
A. Yes. Registration will be open for the entire duration of the Virtual Series. Participants can register and join the Virtual Series at any time up to Aug 24. The only drawback to joining late is that you will have less time to accumulate total kilometers and may miss some of the weekly challenges.

Q. Do I have to use a run tracking app to record my distances and times?
A. Yes and No. To qualify for any prizes associated with a best time over a specific distance challenge, a screenshot from a run tracking app will be used to verify proof of completion. It is not required for draw prizes or just general posting of your personal bests. A run tracking app can be used for distance totals but it is not mandatory either. This category is based on the honour system.

Q. Can I walk instead of run?
A. Yes. The Virtual Series is about promoting activity, not just posting times.

Q. What about para-athletes? Can they participate?
A. Yes. There will be an option within the registration questions to identify as a para-athlete. The Virtual Series format will be the same but there will be a separate para-athlete results page in the Individual category.

Q. I only want to run a 5K. How do I register?
A. When you register for the Individual category you are automatically signed up for 5
distances. You do not have to run all of the distances. If you only want to run the 5K you can just update your personal best in that distance. You can also choose to just complete the total distance challenge in either the Individual or Team category and run whatever distance you want.

Q. My child wants to post times in all 5 distances but he’s not able to run 10K yet. Could he do 2 runs of 5K and add them together or do you have to run a distance all at once?
A. There will be some challenges and prizes associated with fastest times. To qualify for those, you would have to complete the distance all at once and upload a screenshot as proof of completion. If not competing in one of those challenges, participants can record the time however they like. For your 10K example that could mean 2 runs of 5K, 5 runs of 2K, 10 runs of 1K or any combination in between. He’d just have to keep a personal record of his times and enter the total once complete. Upon data entry, Race Roster deletes the previous result.

Q. How often to I have to update my time and distance?
A. It is recommended that you update you distances and times weekly if possible. If not, at least bi-weekly. Results and awards will be updated every 2 weeks during the Virtual Series.

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