Scuba Club
Welcome to the Dolphin Scuba Club

The Dolphin Scuba Club exists to provide a venue to aid divers of the base community to enjoy the diving in the Kingston area.  It provides  a number of dive services including gear rentals, air fills, basic and advanced scuba training as well as organizing a number of dive activities throughout the year.

In order to become a member and have access to the Club's gear and facilities, you have to be a certified member from a dive agency recognized by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC). If you are not certified yet, the Club offers courses during the regular dive season (May to October). During the low season, the Club remains opened and dives year-round from shore, or under the ice (specialty course and equipment required).

Location: Kingston Military Community Sports Centre Pool & Club Room  

Regular members: $35.40 + HST ($40.00)
Ordinary members: $35.40 + HST ($40.00)
Associate members: $44.25 + HST ($50.00)
Guest members: $8.85 + HST ($10.00)*

*Subject to approval, Guest membership will be granted when eligible individuals under Regular, Ordinary or Associate memberships will only be able to use the Club's resources for less than a month of the full calendar year. Typically, this would be for training purposes (i.e. Discover SCUBA Diving, specialty courses) or for CAF members who are visiting CFB Kingston during courses or Temporary Duty. Guest memberships are only valid for a period of one week, and may only be renewed twice. Upon the fourth week, potential members will need to get a full yearly subscription (ratios permitting).  Guest members is a non-voting membership and only valid during the period they paid for.

For more info, contact:
Social Media:  Facebook/Twitter: @DSCKingston