Resources and Links

Resources and Links

  Social Wellness

Key Contact CArd (Wallet Size)

Key Contact Card Poster 11x17 inches

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

You're Not Alone: Connecting Military Families to
Mental Health and Socal Wellness Programs

The Mind's the Matter... Understanding a Family Member's OSI 

Mental Health Passport English 

  Addiction Awareness & Prevention

 Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Educ Alcool

Responsible Gambling

Mocktail Guide English

Women and Alcohol CCSA-Women-and-Alcohol-Summary

Youth and Alcohol CCSA-Youth-and-Alcohol-Summary-2014-en.pdf

  Nutritional Wellness

Health Canada:

eaTracker: Use eaTracker to check your food and activity choices, analyze your recipes and plan your meals.

Canada's Food Guide

Dietitians of Canada

Coaching Association of Canada

Strengthening the Forces (National Site)

Healthy Eating: Nutrition Tips

Performance Enhancers: Facts and Bottom Line English       French 

The Flashfood App: Allows shoppers to receive major discounts on food items nearing their best before date, resulting in money saved and food waste reduced!

  Injury Prevention & Active Living


 Workstation Ergonomics


 Health Promotion offers a lending library of healthy lifestyle related resources. Library includes self-help books, cookbooks, relaxation CDs and much much more....

Click Here for List of Books

To sign out a book, visit our Health Promotion Office at the KMCSC (Base Gym) Room 207.