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Health Promotion Unit Reps Strengthening the Forces

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Unit Rep positions are voluntary (secondary duty) positions. Unit Reps provide support to the Health Promotion (HP) team by helping promote HP programming, campaigns and events within their individual units. Unit reps are the liaison between HP and the Unit, and assist with advising and communicating specific Health Promotion related needs within the unit in order for the HP team to support your unit the best. You also get a free t-shirt!

For a current list of Unit Reps, click here.

May Health & Wellness Challenge​

Mocktail Event at PSTC Unit BBQ
May Health & Wellness Challenge

STF Unit Appreciation Event at St. Lawrence College Culinary School

Bell Let’s Talk Campaign

Check out the many educational (and fun) briefings we can deliver to your unit here.
We can also do unit specific programming. Check out Health Promotion’s core programs here.
Do you have a specific request for a briefing, event or activity you would like Health Promotion to deliver in your unit? Click here to put in your request!

Interested in becoming an STF-HP unit rep?

Email: healthpromotionkingston@cfmws.com  |  Phone: 613-541-5010 x3992

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