Upcoming Programs
Health Promotion can now provide in person programming. Registration is now open for our Fall in person programming!

Upcoming Programs

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If you are not available to take a program on the current schedule, Health Promotion can come to you and provide unit briefings and trainings.
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R.E.S2E.T aligns with the CAF BALANCE Strategy and other Operational Readiness initiatives to provide a skill-based program aimed at improving wellness at an individual, unit, family and/or command level. Utilizing adult learning tools, the goal is to provide a specific total health strategy to support participants focused on obtaining optimal BALANCE and performance.

R.E.S2E.T introduces participants to the following six topics:
1. Resilience
2. Exercise Selection or Exercises for Mental Fitness
3. Stress
4. Sleep/Rest
5. Eating Healthy
6. Taking Action/Goal Setting

R.E.S.2.E.T. (6 days, 1100 - 1200hrs)
5, 12, 19, 26 Nov, 3, 10 Dec 

Social Wellness

Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) (one day, 0815-1545 hrs)

Combined Ranks Pte & Cpl MCpl & Sgt WO/MWO/CWO & Officers
28 Sep
14 Oct

Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness (MFSA) (one day, 0815 - 1545 hrs)
7 Oct

Managing Angry Moments (6 days, 0830 - 1200 hrs)
6, 13, 20, 27 Oct, 3, 10 Nov

Stress: Take Charge!  (3 days, 0830-1200 hrs)
Tuesdays: 16, 23, 30 Nov

Inter-Personal Communication (Inter-Comm) (4 days, 0830-1200hrs)
29 Nov & 2, 6, 9 Dec

Family Violence Crisis Prevention Workshop (1 day, 0830-1600hrs)
21 Oct

Addiction Awareness and Prevention

Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming (AODGG) Supervisor Training (0815 - 1600hrs) - Rank level MCpl and above (2 day course)

Group Butt Out Program
For information, please call 613-541-5010 x3992

Self-Managed Butt Out Program
Please contact the Health Promotion office to book a meeting with a Health Promotion Specialist at HealthPromotionKingston@cfmws.com or call 613-541-5010 ext. 3992

Nutritional Wellness

Mission: Nutrition! (MN) (WWLP) (6 days, 1230-1600hrs)
5,12, 19, 26 Oct & 2, 9 Nov

Top Fuel & Top Performance (TFTP) (0830-1600hrs)
7 Dec (1 day)

Active Living and Injury Prevention

Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports and Physical Activity (IRS) (1230-1600 hrs)
25 Oct (1 day)

All programs and services are free of charge. Priority is given to military personnel, retired military personnel and their spouses. Civilian employees are eligible if space permits.

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