Location and Hours

Location and Hours


Location and Hours


11 Navy Way
CFB Kingston
Kingston ON K7K 7B4
613-541-5010 ext 8752



The health and safety of all members of the CFB Kingston military community is our primary focus.  After review and consideration of all applicable regulations, policies, guidelines, and in collaboration with the Base Surgeon and Personnel Support Programs staff, it has been determined that a gradual approach to reopening the facility would be best to allow flexibility towards any new developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Base Gym reopening consists of 3 Phases:  

Phase 1A - Effective February 16 2021:

Fitness and Sports 
Reopening with primary focus on CAF member PT.  Military members can obtain more information on Phase 1A at the following link: 
http://kingston.mil.ca/notices/2020/august/covid/ (DWAN only) 

  • Field House: There is a total of 34 training squares. 25 spaces have been dedicated for Unit PT and nine (9) spaces for CAF members to conduct Individual PT.  
  • SAM Gym: The SAM Gym has been dedicated for instructor-led body weight fitness. 
  • Constantine Arena: For military use – date TBD.  
  • Facility Reservations: Units may reserve space in the Field House or SAM Gym through our common email address at cfbkingstonfacilitybookings@cfmws.com.  
  • Fitness Instructors: Units may provide their own fitness instructor in the SAM Gym or request a PSP Instructor by contacting Steve Brick at Brick.Steve@cfmws.com.  
  • Unit PT: Units may reserve space in the Field House (max 25) and SAM Gym (max 25) from Monday to Friday from:  0730 – 0815, 0830 – 0915, 0930 – 1015, 1030 – 1115, 1130 – 1215; and 1400 – 1445 and 1500 – 1545.  (Note: 1300 – 1400 Closed for Deep Cleaning)  
  • Individual PT: CAF Members may use the training squares provided at the Field House on a first come first served basis from and now includes weekends:  Monday to Friday 0730 – 0815 (max 9), 0830 – 1300, and from 1400 – 2000 (Note: Closed for Deep Cleaning from 1300 - 1400) ; and  Saturday and Sunday from 1100 – 1500.  
  • Sports: No Base or NPP (I/S) sports at this time. 

Community Recreation 

Programs: Virtual recreation programming is available at

  • Clubs: For details on Base Clubs, please contact the Club president. 
  • Bowling: Garrison Lanes open for military bookings. 

Health Promotion  

Programs: Continuation of virtual programming.  In-person courses available as of 22 Feb 2021. For more information, contact HealthPromotionKingston@cfmws.com or visit https://www.cafconnection.ca/Kingston/Adults/Health/Health-Promotion.aspx 

For a review of the usage guidelines, precautionary measures, and other information related to Phase 1A for military members, please visit:
http://kingston.mil.ca/notices/2020/august/covid/ (available on DWAN only).  

For a video with details on Phase 1A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0eFiAPBlzg  (Note: Online questionnaire no longer available.  Members will be screened via an in-person questionnaire upon arrival to the facility.  Individual PT only available at the Field House at this time) 


Phase 1B - Date TBD:

Focus remains on CAF member PT.  Same options available to serving CAF members as in Phase 1A with the addition of Unit PT in Cardio and Weight rooms.   

Phase 2 - Date TBD:

Open to the above personnel and Regular, Ordinary, Associate Base gym members with restricted hours.  Date TBD.  

Phase 3 -TBD:

Open as per pre-COVID-19 protocol.  Restricted hours removed.  Date TBD.  


Safety and precautionary measures in place:  

·         Check-in procedure in place including a mandatory COVID-19 screening questionnaire, temperature check, as well as a tracking list;  
·         Directional arrows as well as equipment and areas marked out-of-bounds to enforce physical distancing;  
·         Increased cleaning and sanitization schedule;  
·         Mandatory face coverings must be worn in all areas of the facility except when a member is in a training square (see video below).  
·         Fountains accessible for water bottle refill only; and
·         Masks are a personal responsibility (an emergency stock is available).    

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.  

The CFB Kingston Personnel Support Programs (PSP Kingston) Fitness, Sports and Recreation departments are dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, exciting and safe environment for people of all ages. Please remember that safely sharing this environment with others requires everyone to be responsible, courteous, and respectful. 

It is important to note that the KMCSC operates under an “Age Access Policy”. A copy of the policy is available at the membership office and you will also find it posted throughout the building. This policy provides guidelines for using the facility with your children and it is strictly enforced, please read it carefully.