Location and Hours

Location and Hours


Location and Hours


11 Navy Way
CFB Kingston
Kingston ON K7K 7B4
613-541-5010 ext 8752


BASE GYM REOPENING PLAN - effective 19 july 2021

The health and safety of all members of the CFB Kingston military community is our primary focus. After review and consideration of all applicable regulations, policies, guidelines, and in collaboration with the Base Surgeon and Personnel Support Programs staff, it has been determined that a gradual approach to reopening the facility would be best to allow flexibility towards any new developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The KMCSC/Base Gym will be open for military use only beginning 14 June 2021 as follows:

Field House: Training Squares are in place. CAF members are not restricted to a single square for training. If desired, they may move equipment into the space they would like to use for training. Or, they may move from one square to another to conduct training, provided that they have sanitized the equipment they used before moving to another square. Units are also not required to book space in the Field House. Where space is available recreational sports may be played in the Field House. Use is on a first come first serve basis and is limited to equipment, space, and capacity limitations as per provincial regulations. 

SAM Gym: Open for recreational activities (ex. pickle ball), sports with approved BRPs, and PSP or Unit led fitness classes.

Cardio, Weight and Spin Rooms: CAF members may use any available cardio or weight equipment and are expected to properly disinfect the equipment before and after use. Use is on a first come first serve basis and is limited to equipment availability as per provincial regulations.

Squash Courts: Open for individual training use only. To book your court contact the front desk at 613-541-5010 x6595.

Pool: Currently closed due to a construction project.  Follow us on Facebook for updates on when the pool will be open again for military programming.

Constantine Arena: Closed for the season.

Facility Reservations: Unit bookings for PT and sports are authorized. For questions or future bookings contact:  cfbkingstonfacilitybookings@cfmws.com.

Fitness Instructors: Units can book a PSP Fitness Instructor for outdoor PT (class size based on the ability to socially distance and will be clarified at the time of booking) by contacting the Fitness Coordinator Tyson Staples at staples.tyson@cfmws.com.

Unit PT:  Indoor military or PSP led Unit PT is authorized.

Individual PT: CAF Members may use the Field House, Weight Room, Spin Room and Cardio Room on a first come first served basis from Monday to Friday 0530 – 2200 and Saturday and Sunday from 0700– 1800.

Sports: Intersection Golf is currently taking place. Outdoor use of soccer, beach volleyball, and softball fields must follow provincial guidelines (max 10 people and training only). Booking of these fields can be done by contacting: cfbkingstonfacilitybookings@cfmws.com.

Sports Fields: Outdoor use of soccer, beach volleyball, and softball fields must follow provincial guidelines (25 people limit for training and game play). Booking of these fields can be done by contacting:  cfbkingstonfacilitybookings@cfmws.com. At that time they will be able to provide the Return to Sport Plan for your sport.

Outdoor Military Sports: Intersection Golf is currently taking place. Return to Sport Plans for Soccer, Slo-pitch, and Beach Volleyball have been approved by BComd. Please contact the Base Sports Coordinator (Millington.Zack@cfmws.com) or a copy of the Return to Sport Plan and for more information about these Base Sports and what is and is not authorized at this time.

Indoor Military Sports: Select sports with approved Return to Play plans are authorized for individual training, military sports teams, and units in the SAM gym and Field House.  Currently approved are volleyball, basketball, badminton.  For organized military groups a booking is recommended.  Please contact the Base Sports Coordinator (Millington.Zack@cfmws.com) for a copy of the Return to Sport Plan and for more information about these Base Sports and what is and is not authorized at this time.

Community Recreation 

Programs: Virtual recreation programming is available at

Clubs: Clubs are authorized for opening to CAF and Defence Team members while maintain adherence to all provincial restrictions. Non-Defence Team membership participation is contingent on BComd approval. Subject approval requires the submission of a risk mitigation strategy in the form a Club Business Resumption Plan to be submitted to the Comm Rec Coordinator and approved by the DBComd. mcdonald.amanda@cfmws.com

Bowling: Garrison Lanes is closed for the season.

Outdoor Equipment Rental: The base gym has a number of outdoor recreation equipment items (canoes, SUPs, etc.) available to rent for military members and Rec Pass holders. Book online and Curbside pick up only. Please visit the following link for more information: https://personnel-support-programs.myshopify.com/

Arrowhead Beach: Closed for the season.

Health Promotion  

Programs: In-person courses are authorized for all military and Defense Team Members.  Virtual programming continues. For more information, contact HealthPromotionKingston@cfmws.com or visit https://www.cafconnection.ca/Kingston/Adults/Health/Health-Promotion.aspx. Units are welcome to book in-person training. Please contact HealthPromotionKingston@cfmws.com if you require more information on this service or request a HP Service at: https://www.cafconnection.ca/Kingston/Adults/Health/Health-Promotion/Request-an-HP-Service.aspx

Where possible, outdoor patios resumed in-person activities on 14 June 2021 at all messes for military and Defense Team members of the Mess. With the step 2 increase to 6 chairs per table, patio capacities (by maximum # of people): VOM: 85, FFOM: 70, WSM: 60, JRM: closed/construction, RMC Messes: Contact Deputy Manager PSP x8761). For more information on your specific mess programming, please visit your mess website or social media site.

Hours of bar operation as follows:
a. FFOM: Friday 1530-1800hrs.
b. VOM: TGIT 1500-2000hrs.
c. WSM: TGIT 1130-1300 and patio open 1400-1900hrs.
d. JRs: Wed Wing Night 1500-2100hrs and TGIT 1130-1300hrs and 1600-2000hrs.

Beginning 14 June 2021:

Museum Displays: Closed.

Conference room: Closed for Change of Command Parades.

Museum gift shop: Open Mon-Fri 09:00-13:00 by appointment by contacting 613-541-5395 or emailing: mercuryshop@c-and-e-museum.org. Please visit https://themercuryshop.myshopify.com/

Garrison Golf and Curling Club (GGCC)

Golf: Memberships sold out for 2021 season. Golf course is open to all for green fees. Military Unit Golf Days and Tournaments with format restrictions are available for booking. Snack Bar open. Garrison Pub will officially open 10 Aug for indoor dining in the Club House and patio.  Hours of Operation will be Tue to Fri 11:00-13:00 with takeout available until 16:30. For more information, please see https://ggcc.on.ca/golf

Curling: closed for the season.

Winter trails: Closed for the season.

For a review of the usage guidelines, precautionary measures, and other information related to Phase 1A for military members, please visit:
http://kingston.mil.ca/notices/2020/august/covid/ (available on DWAN only).  


For any questions or for further information, please contact:

Steve Ruttan, Manager, Fitness and Sports
CFB Kingston Personnel Support Programs
Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services
T: 613-541-5010 x 8731 ruttan.steve@cfmws.com

The CFB Kingston Personnel Support Programs (PSP Kingston) Fitness, Sports and Recreation departments are dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, exciting and safe environment for people of all ages. Please remember that safely sharing this environment with others requires everyone to be responsible, courteous, and respectful. 

It is important to note that the KMCSC operates under an “Age Access Policy”. A copy of the policy is available at the membership office and you will also find it posted throughout the building. This policy provides guidelines for using the facility with your children and it is strictly enforced, please read it carefully.