Meet Our Coaches

Kingston Sharks Swim Club Coaches

Michelle Smith, Head Coach   
I am happy and humbled to be called the Head Coach of the Kingston Sharks Swim Club. I have enjoyed a lifelong love for sport, and have been coaching athletes in various sports for over 20 years. I have coached at the Provincial, National and International Levels with Biathlon Canada, where I have been a Level 3 Certified Coach since 2005. I am currently a Level 2 Trained Swim Coach, and am looking forward to more adventures in Swimming! 

My vision is to foster a supportive, goal-oriented and enjoyable atmosphere on the Pool Deck so that our swimmers can thrive and succeed.  Sport teaches many invaluable lessons; resilience and perseverance, the importance of teamwork, and self-discipline. Being a Military family, I enjoy the camaraderie military kids can find at KSSC- the integration into the community for these kids is crucial to feeling accepted.  We are lucky to have a strong team of coaches, as well as incredible support from our volunteer Executive.

Matt Miernek, Competitive A and Senior coach
I am an Australian, who moved to Canada over 20 years ago, and have lived in Canada on and off over that time. Growing up, I was a national’s level swimmer in Australia, at both age group and open senior level. During my time swimming, I admired my coaches, especially my head coach who was an Australian & Dutch Olympic Swimming Team coach. I have been involved in numerous sports throughout my life, and this has led me to coaching, where I have instructed and coached children over a span of 20 years in skiing, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. As a coach, my goal is to help each athlete develop their craft, strengthen their passion for their sport, and learn lifelong skills that may assist them throughout their journey. I love competitive swimming and hope to share any experience and knowledge, which may help any athlete to enjoy their swimming.

Jonathon Pilon, Competitive B coach
I swam at a young age in Eastern Ontario with Hawkesbury Orca and later moved west to Guelph where I competed and coached with the Guelph Marlins and Gryphons from 2005-2010. My coaching and swimming experiences were developed in working at Camp Chikopi in the summer where I would learn valuable skills and coach a variety of sports, including open water swimming. My passion and knowledge of the sport, coaching and teaching was then grounded by my experiences in coaching overseas for the Palm Beach Swimming Club and Miami Swimming Club and teaching in the Queensland education system. I like to keep active in the sport recreationally by swimming and giving back to the community by coaching.

Marguerite Poirier, Teen Fitness coach
I have been associated with the Sharks since 2008. I am a certified level coach one through Swim Ontario.  I  have coached the competitive group, and presently coach the teen fitness group. I am a parent of a former competitive swimmer and I know that swimming competitive or non-competitive brings confidence and a life skill to your child. Which is the best gift ever! My other interest are biking, hiking and snowshoeing.

Katherine Hillen, Shark School coach
I am a trained level one coach through Swim Ontario. Having swum recreationally all my life, I started applying myself in earnest when I took up the sport of triathlon 13 years ago. I swam with the masters group recreationally, and then with the Kingston Triathlon Club. I have swum in numerous triathlons, and open water swims. I enjoy teaching the youngest swimmers in the Sharks Club, and hope that they too can develop a lifelong love of swimming.

Sam Hillen, Shark School volunteer coach
I grew up swimming in the waters of Buck Lake, and with some assistance, swam across the lake before the age of 12 months! I joined the club six years ago in the Shark School and now swim in the teen fitness group.