Additional Information

Common Questions and Answers

The CFBKSC exists as an authorized Recreation Club to provide its members the opportunity to engage in safe and cost-effective recreational target shooting with their own firearms and ammunition, using pistol, rifle and shotgun, using existing CFB Kingston facilities.
Who Can Be a Member? At present, any serving or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) who holds a valid firearms license; either Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) or a Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence (RPAL) can be a member of the CFBKSC.
Where does the Club Meet? The club’s primary meeting and rifle shooting area is the CFB Kingston, 600 metres Barriefield Rifle Range. Pistol and Shotgun shooting will be conducted at the 75m range. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other meetings are held at a number of facilities around CFB Kingston. AGMs are held at least twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall.
How do we reach the Club? 
For info on ranges and events you can subscribe to the club email list or check our facebook page. 
How much does it cost and how do I join? Membership fees are $50.00+tax for 1 Jan to 31 Dec.  Members can join down at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre (KMCSC) and pay at that time. Ensure that you bring ID and your PAL.
What do I get for my Membership Fees? The club will provide pre-constructed target frames and backings for members to post targets on, appropriate range safety equipment such as flags and first aid equipment.  Membership fees support the club’s insurance premiums that cover members (like all CF Recreation Clubs), purchase the lumber and materials to maintain target frames, and any other expenditures required for consumables to keep the club running.
Does the Club provide firearms and ammunition? No. All members must bring their own firearms, ammunition, and whatever supporting equipment they will need for shooting, pick up the spent casings, and participate in post-firing range cleanup. A list of approved calibres is available.
When will we shoot? Members are advised of Range availability and timings via email and/or on the Facebook page. We shoot year-round, weather permitting.
What about safety? Each range will have a dedicated Range Safety Officer, which will be a club member who is on the CFB Kingston approved RSO list. They will be supported by an A/RSO so that shooters can concentrate on their shooting. The RSO will ensure all shooters are members and have their PAL/ATT, conduct a range safety briefing prior to any firing and ensure they are in contact with Range Control throughout. They will call cease fire as needed, and will walk the line to check firearms are clear prior to changing flags or permitting examination or resetting of any targets. On completion, the RSO will ensure the range is cleaned up, all equipment is locked away and close down the range in accordance with Range Standing Orders.
This is a Club, why do I have to follow Military rules for shooting my own firearms? Because we are using a military facility, we must follow military range rules. In order to secure permission for the club to exist from our Base Commander, the Executive must ensure that all safety practices and procedures are followed, which may be to a higher standard than exists at other civilian shooting ranges. During the Club’s creation phase, a number of discussions were held with the Range Safety Officer, Base G3, and Base Commander to ensure that safety was a primary consideration, and the Club must continue to demonstrate an adherence to all safety procedures, good citizenship, stewardship of the facilities and respect for all range users. Using the CFB Kingston ranges is a privilege, not a right; we will thus continue to abide by CFB Kingston Range Safety Orders, to maintain that privilege.
What if I don’t have a Firearms License? Unfortunately, you cannot be a member without a valid POL/PAL/ RPAL. Some of our members are qualified instructors and can provide the required training. Please contact the Club Secretary for more info.
What about the future? The Club is in its initial stages, and through the hard work of the stand-up committee and Exec, we have started operations and both Rifle and Pistol ranges. In our intent to crawl/walk/run in terms of activities, services and experiences the Club provides, we are at the walk stage and constantly improving.