Driving in Ontario

Driving in Ontario

In Ontario, your driver’s licence is provided by DriveTest and the vehicle’s registration is distributed by Service Ontario. When you move to Ontario, you can use a valid licence from another province, state or country for 60 days. After 60 days, you need to obtain an Ontario driver’s licence.

We suggest you follow these 4 steps in order to drive in Ontario:

1.    Get your Driver’s Licence 
The DriveTest Centre is located at 381 Select Dr, Units 1-5, Kingston 
You need to apply in person. You will need to bring a valid out of province licence and another piece of ID that shows your name and your date of birth (passport, birth certificate). Be prepared to get your picture taken, get an eye test and pay the fees related to your licence exchange. The DriveTest Centre is bilingual.

2.    Get your Insurance coverage
In Ontario, you get insurance from a private insurance company. You will receive a pink insurance card from your insurance company. When driving your own or someone else's vehicle in Ontario, you must have the pink insurance card with you at all times. 

3.    Get a Safety Standards Certificate
A Safety Standards Certificate confirms that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. To get a certificate, your vehicle must first pass an inspection at any garage. A safety standards certificate is valid for 36 calendar days after the inspection.

4.    Get your Ontario plates at Service Ontario.
Service Ontario has 2 locations:
1201 Division Street Kingston (bilingual) – (613)536-5722
1650 Bath Road Kingston – 1-800-267-8097

When you register your vehicle you will receive a vehicle permit, licence plate and a licence plate sticker. You need to renew your licence plate sticker each year. To register a vehicle you will need:
•    Ownership of the vehicle
•    Ontario Safety Certificate
•    Proof of Ontario Insurance
•    VALID Ontario driver’s licence

For more information
613-541-5010 ext. 5195

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