Base Accommodations

Base Accommodations

The Base Accommodation offices are located in (Bldg B37) Sherman Hall Pavilion. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the following exceptions: Closed for lunch between the hours of 12h15 and 12h45 between 15h15 and 15h30 for shift turnover. 


Accommodation Types

  • “Family Connections” – Short Term Family Quarters
  • Training Quarters
  • Living In Rooms
  • Base Chief Warrant Officer Suites
  • Base Commander Suites
  • BComd’s VIP House – Brisbin House

Contact Info

From Intranet: +Rations & Quarters@CFB Kingston R&QSS@Kingston
From Internet: R&
Accommodations IC   613.541.5010 ext. 5685
Accommodations 2 IC 613.541.5010 ext. 5344
Accommodations Clerk    613.541.5010 ext. 5472, 5619, 5345
Barrack Warden 613.541.5010 ext. 4065
Duty BAccn Cell Phone 613.539.0001
Fax Number – Commercial Commercial  613.541.4458

Please note this web page is not maintained on a regular basis and information may be subject to change without notice.  We ask that you kindly check with the contact listed above for accurate and up-to-date information.