Special Care Education

Special Care Education

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The Special Counselling

Special Care Counsellor works with individuals who are dealing with or are likely to have developmental or rehabilitation problems related to emotional, physical, intellectual, social or family needs, in order to support and facilitate their day-to-day development or rehabilitation. Families are provided with specialized and customized support related to the family dynamic, communication and social work with children.
Special Care Counselling is a field aimed at providing concrete help to those who seek the services, since special education counsellors work specific objectives using defined techniques to achieve them.
Special Care Counsellors primarily focus on answering “how” questions. To do so, they may, for example:
  • use visual tools, such as pictograms or pictures depicting routine activities;
  • establish concrete techniques to improve the interaction with a child;
  • rearrange a family’s routines in a satisfactory way to all its members;
  • do activities with someone to foster a specific skill;
  • give someone concrete tools and strategies to achieve an objective (such as managing emotions);
  • etc.
Special Care Counselling at the MFRC is aimed at improving a situation and reestablishing family harmony in a way that adequately meets the expectations of those obtaining the services. Since the latter play a key role in the process, the outcome of the consultation is first and foremost in their hands. The goal of a consultation with a special education care counsellor is to equip, support and inform parents regarding their children’s education and development.

Using the MFRC – Montreal Region’s special care counselling service

The Special Care Educator at the MFRC – Montreal Region provides services that can help you address various situations you may be dealing with at home. Here are a few examples:

  • Disciplining children or teens
  • Managing emotions
  • Addressing sibling rivalry
  • Communicating with children or teens
  • Managing family routines
  • Improving an unsatisfactory family atmosphere
  • Building self-esteem
  • Adapting to a change
  • Addressing sleeping problems
  • Addressing parenting concerns
  • Developing strategies to stimulate your child’s overall development
  • Developing strategies to address your child’s particular needs
Note that this list is not exhaustive. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your situation, and we’ll let you know if our special care counsellor can help you.
Although every appointment is unique and depends on personal needs and objectives, consultations generally unfold in six steps:
  1. Services are requested by sending an email to SvcPersCRFMSoutienPsyStJean@forces.gc.ca or calling at 450 462-8777, ext. 6821.
  2. The Special Care Counsellor assesses your request and determines if she can offer the necessary services to help you. If not, she will refer you to another service.
  3. She schedules an initial appointment to make sure she clearly understands your situation and to start gathering information. A few appointments may be required.
  4. She develops an action plan (or intervention plan) based on the objectives you previously set for yourself or your family.
  5. Follow-ups are offered to assess how your situation is progressing, to answer any questions you may have and, if need be, to adjust the techniques you are using to achieve your objectives.
  6. Once the situation is satisfactory again and the objectives for your child or children have been met, you can end your consultation.

On average, a consultation process includes 8 to 12 appointments. 

You often hear that…


Special care counsellors only work with young children.

FALSE. Special care counsellors do work with children, but also with teens, adults and seniors in different types of settings. 

Special Care Counsellors only work with impaired persons.

FALSE. People can consult a special care counsellor for many reasons: to regain lost independence, to obtain help dealing with children or organizing family routines, to develop or rehabilitate a skill or ability, etc. There are many reasons why someone might want to use special care services in a general way in various government, community or private settings.

Special care counsellors only work with low-income families.

FALSE. People from all backgrounds can use special care services.

Special Care Counsellors only work with people who have been referred by their doctor or another health professional.

FALSE. You can request the services on your own, without having to go through another professional first.

For more information, contact our Special Care Counsellor. 

Camille Provencher
Special Care Counsellor
Saint-Hubert : 450 462-8777, ext 6852
Saint-Jean : 450 358-7099, ext 2917