Mandated programs

Mandated programs

The mandated programs are exclusively reserved for the military community members of the Montreal area.

IMPORTANT Please note that due to the Covid-19 the seats are limited at 40 participants for Montreal Garrison and at 95  for Saint-Jean Garrison. 

Masks or faces coverings are mandatory.

We ask that you assign a person responsible for managing the attendance list of your staff during the mandated programs. In order to meet current health requirements, we ask that you keep the attendance list of the members of your unit for a period of two (2) weeks. In the event of an outbreak of Covid-19, we will contact the OPIs of the units present so that the participants can be identified if necessary.

The unit training responsible will proceed with reservations by choosing the appropriate day, according to the Saint-Jean Garrison,  Montreal Garrison or Off Garrison Units and completing the appropriate booking form.
You can reserve the places for one or more mandated program needed for your unit. 
All the days will be on the same schedule, except for the ones marked with a star (*).
For the day marked with a star, only the Health Promotion programs will be offered.

Note that in the below offer, training is given in French only.

For more information :
450 358-7099, extension 7207

Days availeble at Saint-Jean Garrison

 2020 2021 2022
 March 24th
 October 1st
 October 15th
 October 27th
 November 17th
 December 3rd  (FULL)              
 March 23rd
 October 26th
 November 16th
 December 2nd                 
 March 22nd
 October 25th
 November 15th
 December 1st                     
 Hours  Programs Department
 09 :00 to 10 :00  Suicide Awareness and Prevention  Health Promotion
10 :10 to 10 :50  Family Violence Prevention   Health Promotion
11 :00 to 11 :40 Addictions Awareness and Prevention Health Promotion
11 :40 to 12:00 Clinic Psychosocial services presentation  Psychososial services 
13 :00 to 13 :45  IT Security  IT 2 Div CA
13 :50 to 14 :35 Harassment  Complaint Management Services

Days availeble at Montreal Garrison

 2020 2021 2022
 February 27th
 March 19th

 October 6th FULL
 October 20th FULL
 November 5th
 November 19th  
 November 24th
 December 1st FULL
 December 8th                  
 February 25th
 March 25th
 October 19th
 November 18th
 November 23rd
 November 30th
 February 24th
 March 24th
 October 18th
 November 17th
 November 22nd
 November 29th
 December 6th                    
  13h00 to 14h00 Suicide Awareness and Prevention 
  14h10 to 14h50 Family Violence Prevention 
  15h00 to 15h40 Addictions Awareness and Prevention
 Hours  Programs Department
 09 :00 to 10 :00
 10 :10 to 10 :50
 11 :00 to 12 :00

 13 :00 to 13 :45
 13 :50 to 14 :35
 Suicide Awareness and Prevention
 Family Violence Prevention 
 Addictions Awareness and Prevention 
 IT Security
 Health Promotion
 Health Promotion
 Health Promotion

 IT 2 Div CA
Complaint Management Services  

Saint-Jean Garrison
Montreal Garrison
Off Garrison Units