Military Fitness

Canadian Forces members are required to be physicially fit to meet military operational requirements, to perform under a wide range of geographical and environmental conditions, to cope with stresses of sustained operations and to be redy to respond on short notice.

The PSP Fitness Staff are dedicated to assisting CF members meet their fitness objectives and support the needs of all units on 15 Wing.
Physical Fitness Testing

FORCE testing is scheduled every week (bookings done through your unit coordinator). We also have the capability to offer any other approved CAF fitness test (i.e. Basic Military Swim Test, SAR testing, CP, etc.).   

Military members are reminded of the following pre-evaluation instructions when preparing for this annual FORCE test...
CAF Personnel are required to bring:
  • Military photo ID
  • prescribed stability braces are only permitted with the presentation of a valid med chit
CAF Personnel should not:
  • Exercise six hours prior to the test
  • Consume alcohol for at least six hours prior to the test
  • Eat, smoke, or take stimulants (tea, coffee, energy drinks, pharmaceuticals, etc) at least two hours prior to the test
The dress requirement for the FORCE Evaluation is standard PT kit. CADPAT can be worn as directed by the CoC. Knee pads can be worn for the 20 metre rushes, if desired. Participants can use athletic tape to protect their fingernails. Weight belts, gloves, and chalk are not permitted.

If you have any questions about FORCE Evaluation, or should you need to book a different fitness evaluation, please contact the Fitness Coordinator by email for bookings or questions.

For more information please visit the Force Home Page

Prepare for your FORCE test 
To book your FORCE evaluation please contact your Unit FORCE Coordinator.
Other evaluation offered by the PSP Fitness Staff:

Basic Military Swim Test
Close Protection
To book a specialty fitness evaluation or for more information, please contact your PSP Fitness Coordinator by email. 
  • PSP Reconditioning Programs & Classes  
  • Reconditioning Specialist Programs
  • Physical Development & Condition (PD&C) Program
  • CF Physical FItness Award for Aerobic Excellence
  • Teen/Youth Weight Training Orientations (Military Dependants)  

PSP Fitness Staff- Contact Us:

Celeste De-Serres - Fitness Coordinator (e-mail only)
Dustin McKay - Reconditioning Specialist 306 694-2256
Nicole Brattan - Fitness & Sports Instructor 306 694-2222 ext 5522
Jorja French - Fitness & Sports Instructor   306 694-2222 ext 5524