Health Promotion Program

Health Promotion - Strengthening the Forces (StF)

Strengthening the Forces (StF) is the CAF's health promotion program designed to enable CAF members to increase control over and to improve their overall health and well-being.
Good health is essential to the well being of CAF members and to the operational effectiveness. Maintaining a high level of health improves one’s ability to perform effectively and safely on CAF operations and to enjoy a high quality of life.
StF programs are available, to all CAF members, DND employees, NPF employees, CAF spouses and dependants (over 18yrs). The local Health Promotion team has a mandate to deliver StF health promotion programs and services, identifying and addressing the specific needs and issues of the 15 Wing Moose Jaw Community.  We offer briefings, workshops and campaigns in the following program areas, to ensure that CAF personnel, their families and civilian personnel alike have the knowledge and abilities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Addictions Awareness and Prevention:
Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming Awareness

Injury Prevention and Active Living:
Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports and Physical Activity

Nutritional Wellness:
Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program
Top Fuel for Top Performance

Social Wellness:
Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness
Managing Angry Moments
Stress: Take Charge!

Outside of the classroom, we work with the Military Community, leadership and several partners to create optimal social, policy and physical environments that support the information and skills contained in these programs.  Whether we’re involved in infrastructure projects to promote active living, initiatives to label and identify healthy options in the food environment, or working with messes to reinforce low risk drinking guidelines, health promotion is everywhere, helping to make the healthy choice the easy choice!
For more information contact your local Health Promotion Office by
Phone 306-694-2222 ext. 5326

Emergency Numbers

Fire/Police/Ambulance  911
Sask Community/Social Services    211
Licensed Health Care Professionals 811
Moose Jaw Fire Department  1 306 694-1414
Military Police      1 306 694-2444
Moose Jaw Police    1 306 694-7600
Moose Jaw RCMP   1 306 691-4670
Canadian Forces Member Assist. Program 1 800 268-7708
Military Family Info Line 1 800 866-4546
Moose Jaw Dr. F.H Wigmore Hospital 1 306 694-0200
CF Housing Assoc. After-Hours Emergency     1 800 903 2342
Employee Assistance Program (civilian)  1 800 387 4765