RV Storage

RV Storage


RV Storage

Military and specific civilian personal are eligible for sites in the RV Compound and shall be assigned sites according to the owner’s priority level (ID is required). The priority levels are as follows:

a) Priority 1 – Military occupants of Singles Quarters (SQs) and military occupants of RHUs. Sites will be also be reserved for students of 2 CFTTS;

b) Priority 2 – Military members employed at 15 Wing/431 Sqn who are not occupants of SQs or RHUs;

c) Priority 3 – DND and NPF employees of 15 Wing/431 Sqn who are not occupants of SQs or RHUs;

d) Priority 4 – Permanent full time employee working for Military Defense Team (CAE, ATCO, Serco, Amarack etc); and

e) Priority 5 – Reserve and Regular personnel employed within the Moose Jaw boundaries not belonging to 15 Wing/431 Sqn.

Sites will be filled in priority order and waiting list will be kept.  Waiting list will not be based on first come first served, but on the above priority list.  Only one site per member will be allocated.

Yearly Fees will be implemented as per the following.

Priority 1-2            $120.00/year + GST = $126.00
Priority 3-4            $240.00/year + GST = $252.00

For full details please see WSO 1-4-4 or contact PSP Community Recreation at 694-2222 ext 5521 or email

Forms can also be found at the PSP Front Desk in the Community Recreation and Fitness Centre.