Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy

NPF Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

SNPF is committed to providing a safe, healthy and respectful workplace, free from harassment and violence. Bill C-65, Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations, came into effect as of 01 January 2021. It has modified the framework under the Canada Labour Code (the Code), Part II, for the prevention of harassment and violence in workplaces under federal jurisdiction.
This amended framework has three main pillars:
  1. preventing incidents of harassment and violence from occurring;
  2. responding effectively to these incidents when they do occur; and
  3. supporting parties and employers in the process.
In compliance with the framework, SNPF has revised its policy, guidelines and approach to prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace. The NPF Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy applies to persons employed by the SNPF, either in the workplace or at any location or any event related to work, including:
  1. while working remotely/from home;
  2. while on travel status;
  3. at a conference where the attendance is sponsored by the Employer;
  4. at the Employer sponsored training activities/information sessions;
  5. at Employer sponsored events, including social event; and
  6. when using communication technologies when there is a connection to the workplace or employment conditions.
For any questions related to the application of this policy, contact the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Ethics (CCRE).