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Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA)

Employees of the Staff of Non-Public Funds, CF (SNPF) are subject to the PSDPALearn more about the policy, SNPF Disclosures of Wrongdoing in the Workplace.

The PSDPA protects employees who choose to disclose a serious wrongdoing and prohibits reprisals against the employee for doing so in good faith. These protections are extended to disclosures involving all activities of the SNPF and all non-public property services, programs and operations executed under the non-public property framework.

Disclosing a wrongdoing
If you are aware of a serious wrongdoing within the workplace, you should and are expected to come forward. While this is normally done through existing reporting relationships and support/recourse mechanisms, including communications with managers, however, the PSDPA acknowledges there may be situations where existing mechanisms are not appropriate and is therefore an alternative recourse mechanism available to employees.

Annex B – Requirements and Procedures for Disclosures provides more information on submitting a disclosure.

Wrongdoing by CAF Members or DND Public Service employees
In cases where SNPF employees disclose a wrongdoing by a CAF Member or a DND Public Service Employee, CCRE will liaise with the Internal Disclosure Office (IDO) within CAF/DND.   

For questions or advice on any element of the PSDPA, contact the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Ethics at ​​