About My Voice

About My Voice ​Your Voice Matters

So, what is MyVoice and what can it do for your military family?

It’s simple.

MyVoice is a closed Facebook group open only to the Canadian military community. MyVoice is a place for you to communicate with Military Family Services (MFS). The group is a safe place to discuss your experiences as a military family and offer feedback about your military lifestyle. 

MyVoice is in direct response to reports released in the fall of 2013 by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Ombudsman and Chief Review Services

We as an organization recognize that we need to do a better job listening to families and we need to communicate more with them.” LGen David Millar, Chief of Military Personnel, 2013. 

Your thoughts and feedback are important to us. Our accountability to you as military family members is to listen to your concern, direct your concern to the appropriate stakeholder (other department or chain of command) when required and to report back to you, and families in general, about how we are addressing the issues of concern to families. MyVoice is moderated by supportive MFS staff. Every day one of us will ask group members a question about your unique military family experience. Sometimes the questions are in the form of a poll, a video or a meme. Maybe we’ll initiate a conversation about health care, operational separation, spousal employment, recreation or mental health.

An MFS staff member monitors the page all day and may engage in conversation with you, to inform you of MFS or community partner resources, programs and services you may be unaware of. 

Once a week the MFS MyVoice Feedback Team reviews all the comments and answers you leave. Every single one. Then, your feedback is directed to the appropriate stakeholders, including Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) leadership and community partners. Your feedback is important because it helps us to improve the Military Family Services Program (MFSP). It keeps CAF leadership and policy makers informed about how military family services are impacting your family. 

Remember, we work in a large bureaucracy and forward movement can take time, but we will answer your questions as soon as possible and post the results of your feedback on the MyVoice Facebook page, under files and on CAFconnection.  

Your voice matters!

Thanks for joining MyVoice and sharing your feedback. Invite your friends to join the conversation on MyVoice today. It is important to MFS that we remain family focused in all we do!

Family Information Line: 1-800-866-4546
Email: myvoice@CAFconnection.ca