CWO Marco Côté with Colonel John Giguère at the 2019 Canadian Armed Forces Running Championships. Photo: Sat Nandall, CFMWS.
CWO Marco Côté (left) with Colonel John Giguère at the 2019 Canadian Armed Forces Running Championships. Photo: Sat Nandall, CFMWS

Leading by Example Meet CFMWS’s new Chief Warrant Officer, 2019 Canadian Armed Forces half-marathon champion.

Chief Warrant Officer Marco Côté. CD

In June 2019, Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Côté was appointed Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) Chief Warrant Officer. His appointment followed a promotion and a posting with the Canadian Forces Special Operations Regiment. Days before his official arrival at CFMWS he replaced combat boots for running shoes and won the 2019 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) half-marathon Championship in Ottawa with a time of 1:19:39 for 21.1 kilometres. His dedication to his running matches his passion for being a military member.

CWO Côté throughout his career has led from the front and by example.

“You don’t need to be the best to lead. Just give the best of you. Follow the ABC’s rules. Right Attitude, Believe in yourself and be Confident. Leading by example is not about being first in every race, it is about enjoying seeing others people achieve their goals, showing those who work for you respect and showing the type of behavior you want to see by displaying it yourself. Being humble and admitting your mistakes is part of leading by example.”

“Fitness and running have always been a part of my life, in and out of uniform and I have always encouraged those around me. I am proud and excited to join the team at CFMWS where dedicated people provide sport, fitness and health programs to military members along with other services to help support the CAF, their families and veterans.” – CFMWS CWO Marco Côté

CWO Marco Côté was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec on April 6, 1970. He joined the CAF with The Regiment du Saguenay in January 1988. He is an experienced sniper and troop leader and among many places was deployed to Iraq and to Afghanistan five times, receiving a CDS commendation during this third deployment. CWO Côté first took up running in 1989 when he was 19 and since then has run many races and performed as one of the top CAF runners. 

He is a leader in uniform and in running attire and his military experience, leadership, love of sport, fitness and well-being of those serving in the CAF is an asset to the organization.

CWO Côté is married to Julie Laverdière and is the proud father of two wonderful children, Mathieu and Mary Lou.