Ken Doucette

Ken Doucette running and in uniform

Ken Doucette

50 Years of Service

Mr. Ken Doucette, a former Chief Warrant Officer, former Personnel Support Programs staff, military athlete and former CAF Marathon record holder (2:24:14:), who dedicated 50 years of service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community, retired this spring.
Originally from Trenton, Nova Scotia, Mr. Doucette started his career in the CAF in 1969 as a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Fire Fighter. In 1977, he remustered to become a Physical Education and Recreation Instructor (PERI) and served in uniform at various bases and wings and at National Defence Headquarters as Career Manager for Physical Education & Training Instructors (PERI). He was appointed PERI Branch Chief Warrant Officer in 1995. He was a key member of the formation implementation team for the new Personnel Support Program (PSP) Plan in 1996, which lead to the creation of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA), now known as Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services (CFMWS).  

Retiring from the military in 1997 Doucette continued to serve and worked as the CF National Sports Manager, Atlantic PSP Senior Sponsorship Manager, Director of Marlant PSP Corporate Services and retired in April 2019 as Senior Sponsorship Specialist at CFB Kingston.

Doucette was inducted into the Pictou County NS Sports Hall of Fame, appointed member of the Canadian Forces Order of Military Merit, appointed and knighted to the CISM Order of Merit and received the Canadian Forces Medallion as well as a Royal Canadian Navy Commendation for exceptional service to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in 2011 and was inducted into the CF Sports Hall of Fame in 2007 as a "Marathon Runner and Sports Builder".  

Continuing his dedication to sport and the military, Doucette has recently accepted a volunteer position as Honorary Patron/Sports Ambassador Youth Sports for the Canadian Forces Natasha’s Wood Foundation. He will assume this position commencing this September.