SLT policy

MFS Language Training Policy


Families of CAF personnel function with increased comfort and confidence in an environment where the predominant local language is not their first language.


The delivery of flexible yet standardized English/French language training programs that meet the varying needs of families of CAF personnel.

  • The delivery of flexible yet standardized English/French language training programs that meet the varying needs of families of CAF personnel; and
  • The provision of language training to assist the families of CAF personnel in adjusting to the language of their local area.


To facilitate integration, enhance life skills, and improve the quality of life of families of CAF personnel posted to locations where the local community's primary language is unfamiliar.


Anglophone: Any person, of whatever ethnic origin or mother tongue, whose first language (as defined under the Government of Canada's Official Languages Act) is English.

Beginner level LT: Ability to ask and answer simple questions, and give simple instructions or uncomplicated directions in routine situations.

Class-led Instruction: Instruction by a teacher in a formal setting (classroom) with student-teacher interaction.

COL: Coordinator of Official Languages.

Families of CAF Personnel: The civilian spouse, parent, child/ren, step-child/ren of full time serving CF personnel, as per the Military Family Services Program's "Populations Served.

Francophone: Any person, of whatever ethnic origin or mother tongue, whose first language (as defined under the Government of Canada's Official Languages Act) is French.

Intermediate level LT: Ability to sustain a conversation on concrete topics, report on actions taken, give straightforward instructions and provide factual descriptions and explanations.

Life skills: Basic communication skills required to carry out daily activities and perform specific tasks independently in the community.

MFSP English Language Program: Military Family Services Program - English Language Curriculum

MFSP French Language Program: Military Family Services Program French Language Curriculum developed specifically for families of CAF personnel.

Online Language Training: Informal self-directed learning using online or electronic resources to support language learning.

  • Spring:  April-June
  • Summer:  July-August
  • Fall:  September-December
  • Winter:  January-March
Tutoring: English or French instruction to one or more students.

Program Guidelines

The Language Training Program is comprised of, but not limited to, the following program components:
  • Class-led Instruction
  • Online Language Training
  • Tutoring 
  • Other learning opportunities developed by local MFRCs

Class-led Instruction

Class-led instruction has been the backbone of the MFS Language Training Program.   Listed below are the specifics of the program:
  • Day or evening classes may be offered, depending on local need.
  • MFSP L-E and L-F curricula must be followed.
  • Class-led language training must be delivered by qualified instructors.
  • Class-led language training must be provided free of charge to the families of CAF personnel.
  • Class-led language training may be offered directly by an MFRC or in partnership with Base/Wing/COLs or other community agencies.
  • Class-led language training should follow the semesters as defined in this policy.
  • Class-led language training must be offered a minimum of 6 hours per week to a total of 60 hours per semester.
  • A minimum of five participants is required in order to offer a class.  Ideally the five participants would be civilian CAF family members, however, in order to reach the minimum participation levels, vacant positions may be offered to CAF personnel and/or non-CAF family participants at fair market rate.
  • Families of CAF personnel are required to pay a deposit of $50 upon registration. This deposit is to be reimbursed upon successful completion of the class and with at least 85% attendance.
  • CAF personnel and/or non-CAF family participants are required to pay 100% of fair market value prior to commencement of the first class.  Fair market value is to be established locally by the MFRC. There is no refund upon completion of the training.
  • Casual child care services must be available to families of CAF personnel undertaking class-led language training as per the Casual Child Care Policy.

Requirements for Class-Led Instruction

  • Records of attendance must be kept.
  • Placement tests administered by a certified second language instructor for each student must be conducted prior to the start of initial training.
  • Optimal teacher/student  ratio to be maintained: minimum  1:5; maximum 1:10
  • Language training instructional materials, resources, and equipment are provided to the students by the MFRC.

Online Language Training

To increase language learning opportunities and provide improved service to families of CAF personnel, online language training may be available.

The details of the Online Language Training Program are available and profiled on individual MFRC home pages on CAFconnection.

Class-led Language Training Eligibility and Priority

Class-led language training is for civilian CAF family members, thus, they must receive booking priority during registration. However, when space is available or when additional people are required to meet the minimum class-led requirements of five students, military personnel and/or non-CAF related students may be enrolled and charged fair market value to participate.

Language Training Funding

Language training funding requests are to be submitted as part of the annual funding application. Language training funding allocations are based on available resources, identified community need, and the ability to meet the priorities identified in this policy.

Other Language Training Considerations

Exceptions to this policy (e.g. less than five participants per course, private tutoring, etc.) that nonetheless serve the policy's goal and purpose will be considered for approval by MFS on a case-by-case basis. Requests for special consideration must be forwarded to the MFS for review.

Obtaining Language Training Resources

Online resources can be accessed through a Military Family Resource Centre and CAFconnection.