Children's Education Management

72 years of education support

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Children's Education Management Supporting the Education of Dependent Children of Canadian Armed Forces Members since 1947


Children's Education Management supports the educational needs of Canadian Armed Forces families in a variety of situations both inside and outside Canada. Overseen by Military Family Services, under Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, our programs and services are designed to lessen the potential impact frequent relocation has on schooling. 

We strive to ensure children’s education, which is provided without charge in Canada, is compatible when families are posted to one of over 250 locations outside Canada.
Children’s Education Management programs and services ensure families:
  • Receive educational compensation and benefits entitlements;
  • Have access to compatible schools overseas, or to CAF Overseas (AFNORTH and SHAPE International Schools) when posted outside of Canada; and
  • Have access to guidance counselling services to facilitate transitions between different school systems.

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